Philips Digital Pathology Solutions and Targos collaborate to give global training on pathology education

Philips Digital Pathology Solutions and Targos collaborate to give global training on pathology education

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Philips and Targos, a global leader in clinical biomarker services, announced a joint initiative to enhance digital pathology education and help drive the global standardization of clinical biomarkers. Targos is embedding Philips Pathology Education Tutor, Philips’ pathology course and assessment creation platform, into its internationally renowned biomarker and immunology training for pathologists and oncologists. Philips’ Tutor software enables Targos to transform its traditional glass microscopy courses for HER2 and PD-L1 evaluation into a digital learning experience, expanding access to high-quality digital pathology training.

Advance digital pathology education

Tutor is being used by learning institutions throughout Europe and the U.S. as labs start to move away from manual microscopy training, towards advanced education and e-learning programs using digital whole slide images.

The collaboration comes as Philips unveils Tutor version 6.0, with advanced in-slide learning features. Lectures, courses and assessments that simulate diagnostic settings can be created where users submit annotations and quantitative answers to questions directly within the virtual microscope view. The latest version also allows users to immediately restore deleted content so that course creators never lose their work.

Philips Tutor education software offers course participants high-resolution images and an innovative strategy for evaluation, which also enables them to further learn and evaluate training cases remotely after the training course. Together, Philips’ cloud-based platform will help Targos create engaging courses, training programs and assessments based on virtual slide images.

CEO of Targos, Thomas Henkel said that thay seek to achieve the goal of high-quality global standardization of clinical biomarkers such as PD-L1 or a multiplex immune response marker, establishing global, digital training is essential. They plan to harness the full power of the Philips Pathology Education Tutor to reach more pathologists and achieve the best learning outcomes.

General Manager of Philips Digital Pathology Solutions, Marlon Thompson said that advanced pathology training will help address the shortage of highly trained pathologists, who can evaluate and score new biomarkers for precision medicine development. Pathologists worldwide can benefit from Targos’ leading courses and the effective digital learning experience enabled by the Philips Pathology Education Tutor platform.



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