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Why Personalised Landing Pages Are Still Essential in Modern Marketing

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The personalised landing page has long been a stalwart of digital marketing. It takes customers directly to the heart of their desired experience, fast-tracking them through the sales funnel. Yet in the days of apps and one-touch purchases, are they even still relevant? 

Luckily, they are more important than ever. Below, we discuss why you still need to consider personalised landing pages on your marketing campaigns.  

They Are Direct 

Every day, more and more advertisements and offers are competing for your client’s attention. You don’t have time to guide customers by hand through a website. You need to be direct in your approach so that customer impulse is acted upon and visitors become conversions quickly.  

A landing page goes straight to the point. It does not need to introduce your company or give information about other products, news or events. You can bring people directly to the product or offer you have for them. 

The casino industry is one area extremely adept at this. In such a competitive marketplace, companies need to make conversions quickly and make the process smooth or people will go elsewhere. A solid example is this free spins-on sign-up offer. It takes people directly to a landing page that tells them the purpose, followed by easy-to-digest chunks of information and what to do next. With plenty of space in the page design, people can see which free spin offers to take easily.  

They Prevent Bounce 

They Prevent Bounce

It is not only competition for custom that is fierce. SEO is also getting more challenging. Algorithms are changing faster than ever and competition for keywords is tough. Anything you can do to assist in this situation, no matter how small, can have a huge impact.  

One factor to consider is the bounce rate. This is a measure of how long a customer stays on your website or page before leaving. If they arrive and go quickly, it tells search engines they are not engaged, the information there is not relevant, and your ranking goes down.  

With customised landing pages, people get the information they need straight away. They won’t get bored looking for the who, why, when and where, which can lead to them going elsewhere. They will read, or click on the next page to sign up or complete an action. This is good for your SEO ranking and metrics.  

They Are Great for Quality Customer Information 

Information is getting harder to acquire. Data protection laws and more education for consumers have meant that people are less likely to give their details away. However, landing places are a great place to capture information.  

There are two ways to make this possible. The first is to make sure you ask for only the key pieces of information. The more you ask for, the fewer people will be inclined to fill in the form. Secondly, you can always entice them with free offers. Extra information like ebooks or discounts are a great way to do this.  

Landing pages are still relevant, if not more now than ever before. Make sure you keep crafting intelligent, personalised spaces and conversions and leads will soon follow.  



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