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The Ultimate Guide to Your Pallet Flow Options

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In a business world where around 24% of companies don’t even bother keeping an inventory, warehouse efficiency can help your business stand heads and shoulders above others.

For those organizations that rely on warehousing to function, finding new ways to streamline storage systems is a matter of great importance.

If you’re looking to iron out supply chain slip-ups and get your business running like a well-oiled machine, the pallet flow method might be for you. In this article, we explain what pallet flow racking is, and how a pallet setup will benefit your business.

What Is Pallet Flow?

A pallet flow system combines layered pallet racking with a flow system made of pulleys and dynamic conveyor components to maximize storage space and ease of movement in your warehouse. It is a rack-supported structure, so in spite of moving components, it is totally safe and sturdy.

Pallet flow systems are ideal in warehouses that rely on the quick movement of pallets without the need for use of a forklift.

They are also commonly used in warehouses where strict first-in, first-out policies are in place. This includes production lines and assembly lines. Space is equivalent to money in cold storage facilities, and so pallet flow is a popular choice of the pallet racking options available.

Key Advantages of Pallet Flow

One of the vital things to know about pallet flow racking is that it can facilitate high-density storage. This is because there are few limits regarding how many layers deep this pallet organization setup can be.

Being able to keep more stock in a compact space can be of great benefit to a business. It eliminates the need to expand warehouse space in order to grow the inventory. It also helps with organization, as the stock is constantly rotated.

The dynamic nature of adding flow to your pallet racking means your warehouse can keep up with your production line.

High demand can only be met if every system in your supply chain is fully efficient. Rather than relying on lift trucks that increase the travel time of your pallets, your pallet racking does the conveying. This inevitably increases the pace at which your warehouse works.

Dynamic Racking Saves Time and Space

For those warehouses that carry lots of pallets of the same items, the 35% of space saved by pallet flow racking over single selective racking can totally boost productivity.

Eliminating the total reliance on lift trucks means that the setup of the warehouse is changed: the extra space can be used for more storage. Ultimately, the time it takes for the product to get from your shelves into transport will be reduced.

Moreover, aftermarket forklift parts are designed to last for a longer time; however, they are susceptible to wear and tear. High-quality forklift parts play an essential role in keeping your lift trucks active and your employees safe.

Invest in Pallet Flow Racking!

If you think a pallet flow system will improve the functioning of your warehouse, it’s time to get one installed. A long-term investment that’s sure to boost your productivity for years to come.

For more helpful business improvement tips, make sure to take a look at our recent blog posts. We’ve got all the advice you need to get your company working right at the top of its game.

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