Options Trading Tips and Tricks

Options Trading Tips and Tricks: Things to Watchout For

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At present, options are a hot pick among market participants. Leverage or exposure in this type of trade is quite high. Although it does carry some risk, possibly higher than regular delivery stock trading. But it can also come with some great benefits. 

Individuals trade stock options or index options and purchase or sell them depending on what they think will happen to the value of the underlying security. 

With experience, patience, and commitment, you can make a good profit by trading options online. Below are essential tips for successful option trading that might come in handy if you want to strike it rich too.

Options Trading Tips and Tricks

Here are five options trading tricks that successful traders might not readily share with anyone:

1. Establish a Strategy Dedicated to Options Trading

Options trading necessitates a strategy distinct from those used in regular stock trading. For example, a popular method is the ‘covered call strategy’. 

In this, you place a call option on a stock that you already own. This mitigates risk as the option is ‘covered’ by your existing stock position. 

This strategy is particularly beneficial as it allows you to potentially profit from your stocks without having to sell them. It’s a nuanced approach that requires an understanding of both your stocks and the options market.

2. Understand the Leverage 

Knowing leverage is key in options trading. Contrary to popular belief that it is riskier than normal stock trading, options can actually serve as a good way of hedging your portfolio and reducing risk. 

What needs to be understood are leverage, position size and lots when it comes to option trade. These factors are essential for making profits and cutting down on risks. 

Options can be a very strong and adaptable trading tool if one understands leverage properly.

3. Use Spreads

The use of spreads is a strategic trick in options trading. Spreads involve the simultaneous purchase and sale of various options (Call or Put) at different strike prices. 

This strategy, often used to build call spreads, can limit both the upside and downside of a trade. It provides a safety net by creating a range within which the trader can profit, thereby reducing potential losses. 

Understanding and effectively using spreads can significantly enhance the flexibility and profitability of your options trading strategy.

4. Diversification

You can diversify your portfolio by buying options on different stocks, or by buying options with different expiration dates and strike prices. 

This not only reduces the potential impact of a single trade’s performance on your overall portfolio but also provides opportunities to benefit from different market conditions. 

Diversification in options trading can help to balance risk and reward, potentially leading to more consistent returns over time.


Many people think options trading is complex and risky, but that’s not entirely true. While options might seem intimidating at first, they’re actually straightforward once you grasp a few key concepts. With some basic knowledge, anyone can feel comfortable trading options. Happy Trading!

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