How Online Casinos Cater to Different Players’ Tastes

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Although online casinos have been around since the mid-1990s, the industry has seen an incredible boom in players in the last decade—and particularly the last few years. Statistics show that approximately 26% of the global population enjoys gambling. In the US, this includes 10% of all adults.

With so many people gambling, online casinos are swarmed by players looking for thrills, prizes, and entertainment. Catering to such a broad number of players is hard enough. Ensuring there is a game that every player will like is even more challenging. 

So, how do online casinos make sure they have something for everyone? Read on to discover the steps these casinos take to cater to everyone’s wants, needs, and desires. 


The most crucial thing casinos undertake to cater to as many players as possible is research. This research involves identifying who players are, what age categories they fall into, their gender, location, and even their gambling habits. 

Fortunately, this data is readily available for online casinos from numerous governing bodies and government agencies worldwide that regulate and monitor gambling. These organizations, such as the American Gambling Association, compile this data in reports to understand gambling in their regions and on a global scale. 

Casinos then use this data to identify their target and secondary player demographics. Doing this allows them to understand where they need to focus more effort on catering to a specific group or where they may lack features for others. 

AI (artificial intelligence) has revolutionized data collection and analysis. Many casinos have employed AI to track player habits and generate reports on what games players from different groups enjoy, how long these gamblers tend to engage in the activity, and even how much they spend.

Many online casinos have begun tailoring specific gambling recommendations to new and existing players using this information. These recommendations ensure that all players, regardless of their tastes, will find something on a site they enjoy.  

Game Selection and Wagers

Another major part of including all players is ensuring an online casino has an extensive game library. With development studios like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play constantly releasing new, innovative games, this is relatively easy to achieve.

These studios offer various types of games, from Egyptian-themed slot games to live casino packages, that allow players to engage with other gamblers while playing. Securing as many games as possible enables online casinos to appeal to as many players as possible. 

Working hand-in-hand with what games are available, casinos also put much effort into ensuring they offer multiple gaming options catering to different price brackets. This is because some players may have plenty of money to spend, while others are looking for cheaper thrills.

Because of this, casinos actively try to offer games that allow multiple bet denominations, ranging from games that allow bets for a mere $0.50 to those that cost $10 per spin. Doing this allows themed games targeted at specific players to be played by a broader audience from different income brackets and socio-economic environments.

Aside from wagers in games, many online casinos also offer dedicated high-roller games that cater to players looking to multiply higher sums of money and who aren’t interested in games that provide lesser returns.


Having many games available may allow online casinos to secure a large player base that is loyal to traditional casino games. However, due to the tremendous surge in other forms of online gambling, casinos must diversify their offerings to cater to all types of gamblers.

One of the most significant ways gambling sites do this is through sports betting. With as many as 12% of adult Americans engaging in regular sports betting, this form of gambling has become immensely popular in recent years.

As such, many online casinos have adapted to cater to these players. Expanding their websites beyond typical casino offerings, they have launched dedicated sportsbooks that allow players to bet on a wide range of sports and sporting events. 

This trend has become so popular that even brick-and-mortar casino groups (such as Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International) have launched sportsbooks. These are in addition to their existing online casinos. 


Another significant way gambling sites cater to all players is through their use of promotions, rewards, and bonuses. Although these are generally offered to all players, many casinos tailor their promotions to specific players or groups.

In some instances, casinos offer incredible welcome bonuses, including free spins on a particular selection of games or a deposit match that will help players with fewer funds feel like they are already winning. In others, casinos will offer discounts on specific sports wagers or even free cash when placing bets on certain events.

These promos, which may seem like little more than an incentive to attract players, are carefully crafted and designed to attract players who may not be drawn to a site’s regular offerings.

Once these players have registered and the casinos can collect and analyze their preferences and spending habits more closely, targeting them with personalized incentives is more straightforward. This is often done through recommendations for games or even additional bonuses that keep them returning.


With more than 170 licensed online casinos operating within the United States alone, ensuring that a casino can cater to the needs of all existing and potential players is vital in getting a leg up on the competition. It also ensures that gamblers are given the best possible online casino experience.

While there are some other methods casinos could consider to ensure every player feels welcomed, those mentioned above are the most effective and common. They also perfectly demonstrate the casinos’ commitment to ensuring every player is provided for so that, in turn, they will maximize the time and money they spend on the sites.

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