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Office Supplies Inventory Management: Tips and Tricks

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Some people overlook the role of office supplies in running a business smoothly. Some do not even factor in their costs because they could be significantly low compared to other expenses. But yes, office supplies do cost money. If you do not look closely at how your company is spending on such trivial things as paper, pens, computers, inks, tapes, and others, you may have missed how it is stunting your company’s growth along the way. Good inventory management is highly effective at keeping track of your company’s spending on office supplies while ensuring you have them all well-stocked and ready anytime you need them.

Office supplies are key ingredients in running a business smoothly

Office supplies are consumables that companies and organisations use regularly. They typically include a wide range of items, including stationery, equipment, pieces of furniture, and machines, among others.

You could not undermine the value of office supplies in any business operation. They form the backbone structure of various processes. They are essential in pronouncing the quality of the organisation as well as in steering the morale of employees. When a company is adequately supplied with the necessary items for its day-to-day operations, accomplishing tasks is impossible.

The efficiency of your supplier matters

With their established worth in the daily business operations, your stock of office supplies could not dwindle. That’s why you need to identify a reliable supplier that could deliver everything you need when you need them. It is good practice to stick to a company you trust to exhaust all the loyalty benefits that come in the form of discounts and incentives. If you get your office stationery from, you will enjoy great prices and deals across a wide range of products, based on your monthly spending. That means you get more incentives when you spend more monthly.

Keeping your office supplies inventory under control

Another great way to save on your office supplies cost is closely monitoring inventory. This way, you could control the budget and have an extra spend for your company’s growth. Here are some guidelines on how you can keep watch on your office supplies inventory and keep it in check.

  • Limit access to the supply closet. Keep the storage room staffed by a dedicated employee whose primary role is to dispense supplies to employees while keeping track of on hand supplies. This can effectively relieve the issue of inaccurate inventory. Plus, you can be sure that the employees are not taking more than what they need.
  • Control the supply stream by imposing a log where employees can jot down details about the supplies taken, including quantities and dates. Following this procedure religiously should be part of their training before getting onboard the company.
  • Pay close attention to the movements within and around the supply room. To be successful in keeping watch on your supplies, you need undivided attention, focused on what you have, how often you use the items, and how much you need within a period. In addition, it will help smoothen the process of reordering and stocking if you are all eyes on the inventory movements.

Businesses should never run out of office supplies at any given time. But they should not be spending too much on them either. Always keep a balance on your supply and demand chain and make good savings for your company.

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