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OEC Collaborates with Fowler Auto Group

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Looking for Ways to Serve Customers

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, known for its innovative energy programs and reasonably priced electric service, has recently announced partnership with leading customer service group, Fowler Auto Group. Any OEC member who buys a fully electric vehicle from any Fowler Automotive dealership will be provided with a free in-home Level 2 charger worth $500 by this partnership. “We have really focused on electric vehicles here at OEC. It’s an exciting opportunity, it’s a great time savings for our members,” said Autumn McMahon, Manager of Marketing and Member Relations, OEC. Commenting on the partnership with Fowler, she said, “Fowler Automotive is always looking for ways to serve their end consumer, and this is just another opportunity that they are capitalizing on.”

Solving the Charging Issue in Electric Vehicles

Currently, OEC has one electric fleet vehicle owned by the cooperative along with two Level 2 and two Level 3 chargers at their office, that are available for any resident to drive up and use. “Charging speed is the difference between Level 2 and Level 3 chargers,” said McMahon. “Essentially, the higher the level, the faster it charges. So basically with a level 2 charger, I charge my car to full in about eight hours; with level 3, it takes about an hour,” she further added.

“Francis Solar has been steadily rolling out charging stations across Oklahoma making it one of the top 5 states for access to electric vehicle charging,” said Jonathon Fowler, President of Fowler Automotive. “Within Oklahoma, this is an exciting statistic; you are within 25 to 50 miles of a level 3 charger. So you can drive across a state without any concern that you will have access to charging,” she said.

Future of Electric Vehicle Technology

Fowler said SUVs are starting to come out from Toyota and Volkswagen, and Ford introduced a fully electric F-150 prototype last year in Norman. He also added that most residents interested in buying electric vehicles have bought them in person versus online, because this technology is so new that most people want to touch and feel the vehicles. “I foresee a development of a greater range in battery power, extended battery life, and more towing power in trucks,” Fowler said regarding the other future vehicle technology. Fowler also said he’s thankful to the OEC and appreciates their partnership.



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