Nutanix Projected to Grow with Indian Market for Hybrid Cloud

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Nutanix, a global enterprise cloud solutions provider is managing products for financial service providers, big-ticket IT companies, and government agencies in India just within eighteen months of its entry in India’s market. The company is expanding its market due to its ability to reduce organization’s dependence on core infrastructure.

India is projected to grow by 43 per cent in 2017 to form a market of around $1.9 billion. Nutanix is foreseen to play a significant role in streamlining this infrastructure requirement with their hybrid solutions. The Silicon Valley-based firm quickly evolved from the need to make a lot of data centre infrastructure invisible for businesses that didn’t want IT as their core focus.

CEO and co-founder of Nutanix, Dheeraj Pandey shared that India tends to remain behind when considered the adoption of innovation. Although the market in India is at nascent stage, it forms a key share of the global market and is growing with a tremendous speed to to its escalating adoption of digital services. This ensures the positive growth of Nutanix.

In IDC’s global rankings for Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) Nutanix and Dell EMC remain neck and neck. HCI is a hybrid that integrates storage, virtualization and networking solutions into single hardware components. Research director at Gartner, Sid Nag said that the migration services space and ongoing new entries into the public cloud-managed service provider indicate continued overall growth. Hybrid cloud solutions will continue to drive overall infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and cloud adoption trajectory at the same rate as past quarters.



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