Net Neutrality

New Law has been introduced by the Washington State to Protect Net Neutrality

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New law of net neutrality will help in preventing the internet service providers (ISPs) from slowing down or blocking the online content. Democrat Governor Jay Inslee signed the bill on March 6 2018, which prohibits the Internet Service Providers from blocking legal content, apps, and services. It will also prevent the slowing down of connection speeds and  paid prioritization where ISPs favour certain traffic that’s beneficial to them.

Washington is not the first state to pass net neutrality law, as Oregon has also passed this law, but it’s the first law where violations by all ISPs are enforceable, under Washington’s Consumer Protection Act which will help the people of Washington from the blocked online content.

Protect the Net Neutrality

Only Oregon and Washington have passed legislation. But Oregon’s net neutrality law wouldn’t put any new requirements on internet providers.

It was not clear when Oregon’s has signed to introduce this law, but as the Washington has introduced the law was cleared. Washington State was among more than 20 states and the District of Columbia that sued in January to try and block the FCC’s action.



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