The New Future AI and robotic technology

The New Future: Is it Manual or Autonomous?

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From carrying out manual work to being dependent on AI and robotic technology, we have come a long way!

Considering the past few years, we have achieved utmost excellence in reinventing robots to carry out tasks of any level. Be it watering the garden, folding our laundry or carrying out mathematical calculations, robots are designed to do every task in an efficient manner. In fact, the current generation of robots is set to replace humans and human resources in doing complex and risky tasks such as scaling mountains, programming codes, and even doing dangerous activities in the modern battlespace.

‘Robot Dog Olympics’

Recently, a team of computer programmers took part in a Robot Dog Olympics organized at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) Abbey Wood, Bristol. Here, the team was challenged to programme the robotic dogs to perform tasks including a 50-meter sprint and gymnastics.

Essentially, the robots are designed to perform non-offensive tasks to protect troops and they do not carry firearms. Instead, they aid troops by searching and scanning or delivering medicine and food into disaster areas. Various leaders quoted how robotics and autonomous systems are becoming increasingly important in allowing soldiers to operate faster and for longer while enabling them to step back from some of the most challenging and dangerous tasks.

In fact, these are highly capable systems and could significantly reduce risk to the life of soldiers by removing the requirement to carry out dangerous activity in the modern battlespace. With that said, we can estimate the future of robotics in outperforming humanity. But, what we continuously ponder is will robots replace human beings in the future? If yes, how?

Will Robots Replace Human Beings?

Innovation and technology go hand-in-hand. Today, human beings have pioneered various advancements in technology and paved an extravagant way for the future and robots are a brilliant example of this. Looking at the future of robotics, the possibilities of collaboration between humans and robots will expand due to advanced AI.

But, when we think of robots, the first question that pops into our mind is whether they will replace human beings. Robots are being renovated in a way so that they can perform tasks that are considered complex or complicated for humans.

Yes, robots will certainly replace human beings in the future. Robots will replace humans just the way AI and voice-assistive technology replaced manual labor, advanced farming equipment replaced traditional agricultural methods during the industrial revolution.

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