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Netmining Partners with Vistar Media

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Netmining and Vistar Media came together to Extend Unique Audience Targeting to Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Netmining, announced a new partnership with Vistar Media to provide clients with digital out-of-home inventory buying capabilities. Through this partnership, Netmining will offer access to the largest source of digital out-of-home media inventory for agencies, brands and media planners to engage customers in an omnichannel fashion.

Vistar Media is the leading provider of programmatic technology for the DOOH industry. By extending Netmining’s unique audiences into DOOH, marketers can apply consistent strategies across media channels for a unified approach to the market and a deeper understanding of performance.

Plan for stronger targeting

Combined with Vistar Media’s proprietary Demand Side Platform, Netmining will bring its Netmining Audiences to the DOOH environment. This enables Netmining to optimize current campaigns against better-performing inventory, allowing advertisers a true omnichannel approach, while also strongly complementing existing campaigns. By utilizing Vistar Media’s DSP, Netmining has created a strategic method of buying DOOH inventory against unique audience segments.

DOOH inventory continues to be purchased programmatically, Netmining is at the forefront of this new environment, by delivering ads outside of traditional channels. By partnering with Vistar Media, Netmining is now equipped with the ability to create holistic omnichannel strategies for their clients to engage with consumers outside of traditional paid media.

“Vistar Media’s ability to analyze customer movement patterns will be a great complement to the Netmining platform,” said Dean Vegliante, President of Netmining. “Our clients have expressed a need for an omnichannel solution, across desktop, mobile and OOH, to increase value and engage customers where we know they are consuming media. For our clients, this partnership creates this one-stop solution while providing additional analytics into how customers are engaging with DOOH campaigns.”

“Netmining is known for their audience data capabilities, and this partnership brings DOOH into the omnichannel mix as marketers apply to target strategies across all media,” said Chris Allison, Programmatic Partnerships at Vistar Media. “We’re thrilled to see more forward-thinking, data-driven companies such as Netmining embrace DOOH and deliver true omnichannel capabilities to their customers.”



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