Natuzzi: The Italian Furniture brand

Natuzzi launches the first augmented store in New York

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Natuzzi: The Italian Furniture brand

The Italian furniture brand Natuzzi recently launched its first augmented store in New York at Madison Avenue. Natuzzi developed a technology combining Virtual and augmented reality, advanced 3D modelling, holographic display and interactive product configurator with its existing techniques. This technique is used to increase customer satisfaction and improve all-over physical retail experience.

According to the company, the project is made in combination with Microsoft and Hevolus Innovation. The combination of two international partners will make the customer’s experience more engaging.

Enhancing customer’s experience

Natuzzi stated, “The retailer co-designs the interior project with the visitor and shows a scaled 3D model with Holoproject technology. As if having a 3D printer or the expert hand of an architect, the retailer shows the bespoke project thanks to the HoloLens, showing the model of the room allowing the customer to comprehend and appreciate its details. By wearing immersive mixed reality headsets, the customer will also be able to walk around the project and explore it from every point of view on a real scale, as if it was already manufactured. Before customers leave the store, they will receive a 360° rendering which they can browse by touching the screen of their phone or looking into a VR headset, and take home and show it to their families.”

Further, it said, “The mixed reality system is a part of a broader strategy around customer interaction in both the digital and physical space. A digital innovation process that aims to improve the customer experience, reduce the time decision of the final customer and at the same time increase the conversion rate of the orders.”

Statements of various top executives of the company

“The Natuzzi Augmented Store is a revolution in interior design and decoration. We have worked with our partners on the new customer journey to give consumers an idea of their homes in a way that makes them fall in love. We let them walk their home virtually showing our collection without boundaries. The Mixed Reality system gives us an incredible opportunity to lower the stock and the inventory in our stores and increase the sales per square foot,” said, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Creative Director and Stylist, Natuzzi S.p.A.

“Providing a unique customer experience is critical in today’s competitive retail environment. At the same time, retailers are looking for ways to reimagine their physical and maximize in-store sales, Natuzzi’s new augmented store is a perfect example of how retailers can leverage mixed reality environments with Microsoft HoloLens to reimagine the in-store experience,” said, Shelley Bransten, Corporate Vice President, Retail and Consumer Goods Industries, Microsoft.

Antonella La Notte, CEO of Hevolus said, “We are proud of this partnership with excellence like Natuzzi with whom we share a common mission: to bring concrete innovation and magical moments from Puglia to the rest of the world.”



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