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Unique collab of NASA and Nokia: Cellular network on the Moon?

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It is alright if you cannot catch the network on the earth because soon enough you will be able to get it on the Moon.

NASA has selected Nokia to help them setup the first cellular network on the Moon. The Finnish telecommunications company said that this partnership will help create a path toward “sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.”

NASA is targeting to return the human life to the Moon by 2024 in order to dig in the long-term presence which comes under the Artemis program. The Artemis Project developed by NASA plans to send the first woman and male to the Moon by 2024. Thus, by the end of 2028, it hopes to attain new beginnings on the lunar base and create a sustainable human base over there.

Key facts to keep an eye on :

  • The company says that the network will be 4G which will help in providing a more robust and reliable technology for the astronauts to record the tracks. The company also states that they might be developing 5G for “space applications” in the future.
  • Nokia also says that this network will help in delivering connectivity to help the astronauts to carry out any activity and share immediately with the people on the Earth. They can transmit the biometric data, control the lunar devices, enable voice and video communications, and stream high-resolution videos with the help of the cellular network provided.
  • Nokia will also collaborate with a Texas-based Intuitive Machines to deliver the required equipment on the lunar lander of the moon.

The cellular network will be designed in such a way that it will be able to withstand the extreme conditions of the launch and the lunar environment. It will have the ability to work in space. However, it will be sent to the moon in a very compact form to meet the stringent size, weight, and power constraints of space payloads.



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