N2WS Announces Backup and Recovery Support for Amazon DynamoDB

N2WS Announces Backup and Recovery Support for Amazon DynamoDB

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N2W Software, leading provider of backup and recovery solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced the immediate availability of Cloud Protection Manager v2.3. Among other new features, this new version includes automated backup and recovery operations for Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed (Serverless) NoSQL database service.

Amazon Web Services is extremely resilient with a massively redundant architecture, but to ensure continuous availability and protect against accidental or malicious data deletion, CIOs understand that Amazon DynamoDB data must be protected. CPM provides CIOs with the confidence they need to move critical data into Amazon DynamoDB.

N2WS extends its offerings for serverless computing options with support for Amazon DynamoDB

N2WS, a Veeam company, is a leading provider of enterprise-class backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift. Used by thousands of customers worldwide to backup thousands of production servers, N2WS Cloud Protection Manager is the preferred backup solution for Fortune 500 companies, enterprise IT organizations and Managed Service Providers operating large-scale production environments in AWS. To learn more, visit www.n2ws.com.

N2WS CTO and founder, Uri Wolloch, said that Serverless options are growing in popularity as it helps to remove a lot of the complexity of deploying an application into production. Their customers are already using CPM for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) backup and were asking for Amazon DynamoDB support. They are happy to offer it to them from the same console.



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