Microsoft introduces its Azure cloud technology for the public sector

Microsoft introduces its Azure cloud technology for the public sector

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Information technology’s latest paradigm, cloud computing  is becoming aggressively competitive in the digital marketing. High end cloud services are currently offered by multinational companies like Microsoft and Amazon only.

As per the latest reports, to gain a huge advantage over the public economy, Microsoft has offered its cloud services for the government officials. This early move could prove to be beneficial for Microsoft by taking out Amzon from the race of cloud computing market.

A local version of Azure cloud services will be provided by Microsoft to government officials working in public sectors. It will involve a combination of Azure Stack and Azure Government, assembled into one product for those government agencies who require the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet for storage, management and processing of the data.

Even though local consumers would not need such high tech cloud services,  it would be beneficial for consumers such as overseas embassies or military operations to access data through Azure cloud computing.

Azure’s head of global infrastructure Tom Keane recently commented that, “Quite literally we’ve designed Azure Stack with the scenario of a submarine in mind.”

Not far from the race is Amazon, who got a head start on building its own Amazon Web Services (AWS). Its main clientele include CIA.

As per the current statistics provided by Canalys research firm, cloud computing is going to increase up to $74.7 billion in 2018, which is nearly 36% higher from 2017.With 32% of shares, Amazon’s AWS is leading followed by 14% shares of Microsoft.

“AWS had a head start with some of their early investments in a public cloud, but Microsoft has since made some aggressive investments and largely closed the gap with AWS,” quoted Rick Holgate, analyst with Gartner. “Microsoft also offers a more advanced and robust set of business productivity software than AWS.”

New version of Azure stack will be most likely launched till the mid of 2018. This strategic move would be favorable for Microsoft in the public sector. Microsoft is trying its best to divert the customers from using AWS by offering one of a kind cloud computing for local data storage.

However, only future can predict the winner out of these big giants; Amazon  & Microsoft in the tussle to outdo one another in the cloud computing market.



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