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Microsoft, Apple, and Google introduce new upgradations to its OS simultaneously 

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Key Highlights:

  • Microsoft introduces new app store for Windows 10
  • Apple sends a reminder to developers regarding app submission for iOS 14.5
  • Google launched the third developer preview of Android 12

While Microsoft aims for the upgraded app store, Apple and Google target software upgradations

upgraded app store

Operating systems like Microsoft, Apple, and Android have been competitors in the tech market since a long while. With the introduction of the latest updates and advanced features and improvements, Microsoft, Apple and Android have been competing with each other for the title of the best and sleek operating system. 

These operating systems have simultaneously introduced major changes to their user interfaces and app stores. In recent news, Microsoft is working on an upgraded app store for Windows 10 while Apple just released a reminder to the developers for app submission for its upcoming iOS 14.5. On the other hand, Google launched the third developer preview of Android 12, the latest version of its mobile operating system.

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Microsoft’s new app store

Microsoft’s new app store

The new app store by Microsoft will feature a new user interface along with big policy changes for app developers while sporting many developer-friendly features. It will introduce a modern and fluid user interface and institute changes to the pre-existing app policies. It will determine the policies that govern what kind of apps can be submitted by the developers to the store. 

This new app store is said to be a part of Microsoft’s big “Sun Valley’ rework to Windows later in 2021.

“Microsoft wants to position the Store as an open platform that allows for the best apps on Windows to be easily discovered by users. Apps that were turned away in the past for using their own update or in-app purchasing systems will now be allowed. These changes should allow apps like Google Chrome or Adobe Creative Cloud to be discoverable in the Store, though time will tell if these developers actually come,” Windows Central said in its report.

Features of the latest app store by Microsoft

app store by Microsoft

In terms of looks, there is a re-design with slicker animations, modernized designs, and fresh iconography, and revamped layouts. There will be monthly updates with the latest features and advancements for the store. The advanced app store will offer more stability for downloads and installations of large apps and games.

The refurbished Microsoft Store may be seen at Build 2021, which will be held in May, subsequent to the public release of IOS 14.5 which is believed to be launched by April 26.

The latest iOS 14.5

latest iOS 14.5

By April 26, iOS 14.5 will be officially released. The up-gradation is said to host new features and changes, the major one being the latest App Tracking Transparency (ATT). Although there is no official announcement by Apple on when the ATT feature will show up, it is expected to show up with iOS 14.5 (at some point) and Apple gave a heads up to developers today about making sure their apps are ready by April 26.

Google’s Android 12

Google’s Android 12

Google launched the third developer preview of Android 12 on 22 April, the latest version of its mobile operating system. Android 12 will attain performance stability by August 2021 and will come with dozens of smaller new features and changes, the major highlight being the ability for developers to provide new haptic feedback experiences in their apps and new app launch animations. The new app launch will be a noticeable experience for both the developers and the users. The new animation will take the app from launch to a splash screen that shows the app’s icon and then to the app itself.

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