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6 Tips To Optimize Your Meal Prep Business

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Establishing a business is difficult, especially because you need to ensure that you can cater to a large market. While reselling products would also work, creating a food business would surely be ideal, as everyone eats. This way, everyone can be your client, which could help you to achieve greater heights for your business.

As you go into the food business, going for meal prep would always be great. This way, you can take advance orders, cook them on the day, and avoid any spoilage. While this method works perfectly well, there are always plenty of ways you can optimize it. On that note, listed below are some tips to improve your meal prep business:

Meal Business

1. Provide Healthy Meal Options

A lot of meal prep businesses focus on meat dishes. While they’ll usually crowd favorites, providing a healthier alternative can help you attract new customers for your business. This way, you can cater to more people as people are always looking for ways to eat healthily, without having to prepare the meal themselves. 

For your new launch, you should consider giving a healthy meal option. This includes using all-natural ingredients. You can use homemade pasta, sauces, and much more. With the healthy alternative, you can have a popular healthy meal delivery in Toronto that most parents would want for their families.

2. Consider A Vegan Meal

Another way to grow your market is by offering vegan meals. While this might not have a large following, adding this option to your food menu increases your chances of getting more orders compared with when you didn’t have them. Some people prefer to order from a single company that can offer vegan and non-vegan meal prep for everyone they’re ordering for. This can prevent any hassle and allow everything they need to be from a single supplier. This way, you can enable your business to be on their list. 

When creating a vegan meal, try to be as creative as possible. You can indicate on the menu that they’re vegan-free and which alternatives you’re using. Indicating any potential allergen is highly recommended as some people choose to be vegan due to their health concerns. Adding vegan to your meal options allows you to promote your business to a wider audience effortlessly.

3. Include A Kiddie Meal  

When people order from a meal prep delivery service, there’s almost a 50% chance that they’re also ordering for children. However, only a limited number of businesses offer kiddie meals, forcing customers to order an adult-sized meal for their kids. The thing is, children don’t usually finish meals in large portions, putting the food to waste. By offering kiddie meals in your meal prep business, you can allow parents to save on costs and prevent any spoilage of your meals. 

As you include a kiddie meal, you can use the regular menu you’re currently serving or create a specific one for kids which they’d surely enjoy. You can even use fun and creative bento boxes that’ll look attractive and enticing for children. 

4. Do A Week’s Meal Plan

The meal prep business usually consists of a single-day order that caters to events or even a single meal for the entire family. Surprisingly, plenty of families aren’t able to cook for the whole week for their family as they don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. This will result in consistent reliance on fast food to-go, which is unhealthy. To help solve those kinds of problems, you might want to consider doing a week’s meal plan.

A week’s meal plan involves creating a meal for the entire week that the family can enjoy. Just work on variety and creativity to entice more customers.

5. Offer A Storable Meal  

In line with preparing a week’s meal plan, you might want to consider making a storable meal. However, this will require some great cooking skills and knowledge as you’ll be creating an almost pre-cooked meal that customers can store inside their fridge or freezer, which they can thaw and cook whenever they want. This way, they can avoid reheating in the microwave and allow their food to be as freshly made as possible. 

Doing a storable meal might be challenging, especially because you need to be careful with its shelf life, along with how you can make it last long in their fridge while still keeping it healthy. But with this option, you can allow people to still cook the meals themselves. 

6. Add A Diet Meal Plan  

Going on a diet can be challenging for everyone, especially because meals can be a work to prepare. Not everyone has the time to prepare meals that suit their diet plan. To help those people achieve their goals while also helping to widen your customer base, you might want to consider adding a diet meal plan in your meal prep business. 

As you add a diet meal plan, you can play along with various diet types. You can do low-carb, keto, or paleo. Moreover, you should also provide a week’s worth of meals and see if it allows for a balanced diet that provides enough carbs, fat, and protein. You could also try to be creative with your meal plan and use a healthy alternative that’ll still help make your meals tasty. With this diet meal plan, you can help people work well with their diet despite their busy schedules. 


Optimizing your meal prep business isn’t a walk in the park. While your business might already be working out for you, there are plenty of ways on how you can step up your game and attract as much audience as possible. The more people that you can reach, the bigger the market that you’ll have which will take interest in purchasing from your business. With the right planning and strategy, you should allow your business to be the go-to company whenever people are looking for meal prep. 

Have something for everyone, be it kids, people on a diet, vegans, or even those who would eat just about anything. Consider added value like week-long meal plans and even storable food.

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