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McAfee Enterprise and IBM Security partner to develop the TD SYNNEX Security Solution

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Key Highlights:

  • The new TD SYNNEX Security solution is being developed to allow security professionals to prepare and respond to threats
  • It will provide additional protection against threats to businesses that have switched online
  • This has been declared as the first solution that will be developed jointly by two companies’ collaboration in the TD SYNNEX Cyber Range

The Collaboration

McAfee Enterprise and IBM Security have collaborated to develop a new integrated solution for TD SYNNEX customers. It is a security solution that is based on integrations between McAfee Enterprise MVISION and IBM Security QRadar products. The product is being designed in a way that will provide visibility, investigation, remediation, and control to protect the global workforce. The security solution will be available to its customers through the TD SYNNEX IT distribution network.

About the Security Solution

The TD SYNNEX Security Solution has been described as the first solution that will be developed jointly by two companies collaborating in the TD SYNNEX Cyber Range. It is a virtual program that will allow security professionals to prepare and respond to threats. It works by integrating QRadar with the MVISION Device-to-Cloud platform. The MVISION portfolio offers a single point of visibility and control across the entire network and delivers industry-recognized endpoint and cloud security. MVISION is the first cloud-based product that protects data and stops threats in the cloud from a single, cloud-native enforcement point. QRadar, on the other hand, is a leading SIEM platform that provides comprehensive insights to detect, investigate and respond quickly to threats. This integration will provide benefits to users from both solutions.

Features of the Solution

The security solution is aimed at providing additional protection to businesses against a growing number of cloud and endpoint threats facing the distributed workforce. It provides increased protections for the global workforce powered by connected architecture, analytics, prioritization of resources, automation, threat detection, and event co-relation.

Benefits of the Solution

This solution will deliver numerous benefits providing their customers with increased visibility, allowing them to see organization threats and analysis, and control, along with the ability to identify and respond to threats quickly. The security solution will also allow businesses to investigate and respond to threats with a streamlined approach. This will help break down complexities and silos within the organization.

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