Mapbox partners with Microsoft, Intel to provide self-driving car maps

Mapbox collaborates with Microsoft, Intel to provide maps for self-driving cars

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Mapbox Inc, known for providing custom based online maps for websites and applications is teaming up with Microsoft Corp, Softbank Group Corp’s ARM Holdings chip unit and Intel to provide maps for self-driving cars.

Mapbox is a service that does not provide maps on their own platform. It rather provides an underlying map for the apps like snap Inc’s messaging app and the instacart grocery delivery app.

The partnership will help in improving the driving experience

Yesterday at an event held for the software developers, Mapbox CEO, Eric Gunderson made a statement stating facts about the Vision SDK integrating with the Microsoft Azure Iot platform. He further continued by saying on how this partnership will improve the driving experience inside the vehicle, which will generate road data on the backend to the power analytic solutions for smart cities as well as insurance companies.

Self –driving car will be able to detect the street signs

One of the feature from the Mapbox’s products is a software allowing the mobile phones or a car’s computer to see the view of the road when the car is driving, and even by helping out in detecting things like speed limit signs, construction signs, lanes, pedestrians and many more. Mapbox also partnered with the chipmaker ARM. It is basically a chip embedded in the hardware of the car to help recognize all the street signs even faster.

Mapbox further  collaborated with the Intel’s Mobileye self driving unit to help in storing the detailed database of the road features in the cloud through wireless communication networks that would eventually help in updating the map in real time. However, cars which are going to use the system will be getting a constant map ahead about 200 meters, thus providing a key backpack for the car’s on-board sensors.



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