MadHive launches new technology suite to address the biggest threats to the advertising industry

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MadHive’s cryptography, AI and blockchain advertising innovations to sharpen audience targeting

The cross-platform advertising technology stack announced advantages proprietary tools to cryptographically validate and link data across the supply chain to help grow the advertisers’ audiences, enable more precise targeting and verify ad delivery. The new MadHive suite of solutions addresses the multi-billion dollar challenge that fraud poses for advertisers.

Advertising threats solution

MadHive’s product suite includes tools for media planning and buying, data management and matching, campaign and yield optimization and reporting. The suite validates data and inventory, delivering transparency while reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, cutting intermediary costs from high double-digit percentages of every ad dollar, delivering more value for the publisher and advertiser. These cutting-edge solutions paired with premium inventory acquisition from partners like Freewheel, result in unprecedented campaign efficiencies and performance.

Key elements of the MadHive suite:

  • Audience Device Graph: The MadHive Device Graph connects advertisers and publishers to audiences across all devices, ensuring each interaction is driven by relevant audience-specific data.
  • Precision Targeting: The MadHive tech stack leverages audience-specific data to power dynamic creative optimization and message targeting strategies to generate personalized creative units based on real-time information.
  • Audience Verification: MadHive employs cutting-edge technologies like cryptography and blockchain to guarantee audiences and video impressions across desktop, mobile, ConnectedTV, and OTT.
  • Cross-Device Attribution: MadHive’s proprietary AI (“Roger”) improves cross-device analytics by matching impressions, engagements and conversions to consumers.

Adam Helfgott, CEO at MadHive said, “Publishers, brands and agencies alike have been living in the Advertising 1.0 ecosystem — what we call the ‘Guess Economy’ — dealing with issues around brand safety, transparency and fraud. However, that does not have to be the case. Our technology is ushering in a new era — paving the way for Advertising 2.0 and the ‘Evidence Economy,’ where results are trusted because they are mathematically and scientifically proven.”



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