The Best Destinations for Luxury Entertainment 

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When it comes to luxury entertainment venues, there are a handful of destinations everyone should visit at least once. Here are the most prominent entertainment cities and destinations in the world.


Monaco is easily one of the most luxurious casino capitals you could visit and is also widely regarded as one of the world’s casino capitals. Famous for its yacht-filled marina and apartments filled with the rich and famous, Monaco is the definition of luxury. While the city-state is relatively small, once you have done everything you want to do, you can cross the border into the south of France or head east into Italy.

Las Vegas

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Las Vegas. Sin City has been a hub for local and international entertainment seekers for decades, and once you have spent a night there, you will see why. Packed with the world’s best casinos, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and resorts, Las Vegas has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. 


One city still making its mark in the West is Macau. Viewed as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” this small island city on the coast of China has become an entertainment capital, offering everything from luxury resorts to world-class casinos. While it can be tricky and a bit pricier than you expected, a trip to Macau is well worth the effort if you are in China or Asia. 


Cancun is a place many don’t realize is an ultra-luxurious entertainment destination. While it doesn’t have huge casinos and hotels like Las Vegas and Macau, it has abundant coastal luxury, spa days, and delicious food. 


Another hidden gem for luxury entertainment is Johannesburg and specifically Sun City. This multi-hotel entertainment resort features a casino, many restaurants, bars, cafes, an artificial beach, a golf course, and dozens of other activities. 

The Palace is widely regarded as one of the best hotels in Africa and has been frequented by hundreds of celebrities over the years. Sun City is exactly that, a mini city in the heart of South Africa. 


Amsterdam has been regarded as one of the best entertainment hubs on the continent for many years. While it doesn’t have casinos that match the likes of Las Vegas and Monaco, it still offers visitors an enjoyable and luxurious holiday. You can enjoy the many cafes and restaurants, stage shows, pubs, and bars, all offering a taste of Dutch culture, art, and music, something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 


Another city that needs to be mentioned is London, one of the world’s most-visited and most famous cities. Home to some of the planet’s finest and most luxurious hotels, there is very little that London doesn’t have for most visitors. 

London is also home to multiple casinos, the West End that plays host to dozens of world-renowned stage shows, and hundreds of incredible restaurants, as well as being packed with history and culture spanning centuries. 


Baden-Baden is an absolute gem of a spa town on the Black Forest’s North-Western border in Germany. Home to little over 55,000 people, Baden-Baden has been a trendy tourist destination for many years. There are multiple luxury hotels to choose from in the area and many indoor and outdoor activities to participate in, no matter the time of year or the weather. 


Another Asian country that has become a popular entertainment hub is Singapore. Once again, while it may not have the glitz, glam, and prestige of somewhere like Las Vegas or Monaco, it has absolutely no problem attracting the rich and famous every year. With hundreds of penthouse suites, Michelin-star restaurants, and endless entertainment options, taking advantage of a trip to Singapore would be a mistake. 


One of the most visited cities in the world, Sydney is popular with local and international tourists for a reason. Home to many restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, entertainment hotspots, and beautiful sights, Sydney has it all. While it is a very far trip for some, depending on where you live, a trip to Sydney is one you will never forget and will want to do repeatedly. 

As you can see, these are easily the best entertainment spots globally, offering visitors everything they could want and much more. If you wish to watch a show, visit a casino, or relax in your luxury hotel room, why not do it in one of these extraordinary cities and countries?

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