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LONGi Solar Enters “50 Smartest Companies” MIT’s List

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The MIT Technology Review listed emerging companies that help society to transform

China is probably on its greatest appearance in the history of the world market. Listed among world’s top companies, LONGi has named in the TR50 alongside well-known companies such as Huawei, Tesla, Tencent, and Baidu. The news unveiled on 29th June from the MIT Technology Review on its 2019list of “50 Smartest Companies” (TR50) in Hangzhou, China.
The listed companies in the TR50 are cutting-edge in their fields in global technological development. Through the list, MIT Technology Review aims the world to see the innovation, change, and disruption brought by emerging technologies. TR50 provides a glimpse into the future of business where LONGi has managed to show its potential.

Innovation towards supplying clean energy

Recognized for its innovations and breakthrough in PV technology, LONGi is a solar technology company for almost 20 years. Committed to promoting lower PV power generation costs through technological advancements, LONGi propels the transformation to renewable energy and improve the earth’s ecosystem through PV providing 100% clean energy supply in the world.

Serving society for more than a decade

LONGi solar with its global presence has now four subsidiaries around the world, China, USA, Japan, and Europe. Contributing to society since 2007, LONGi Solar has developed into a corporate with a staff of over 1,000. While focused on expanding its production capacity, the Company is also actively contributing to society.

Generating revenues with social responsibility

LONGi Solar as an enterprise is more than just an economic entity. It is also an ethical one shouldering social responsibilities. With Corporate social responsibility (CSR) it generates its revenues serving and developing the society with clean energy supplies. Through CSR, LONGi bears the legal liability of shareholders and safeguard the interests of employees, consumers, community, and the environment.

Mission and determination to serve society the best

• LONGi has maintained a sense of responsibility and cultivating itself into an excellent enterprise with a great conscience, aims to better serve society.
• At present, it is mainly engaged to benefit the public through activities and charities associated with culture and education.
• Committed to its rapid development and transformation, it is striving to provide the world’s leading mono-crystalline solar modules for consumers.



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