Long-Term Success for Your Accounting Firm

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In this accounting business competitive world. Creating and maintaining a strong client relationship is still important to sustain business success. Achieving long-term business success will not just be delivering quality services but it also requires strategic planning to improve employee and client procedures. So, we will give you insights to support both employees and clients to have long-term success.

The Foundation of Client Experience

It is important to understand the importance of knowing the client’s experience. Walker’s article mentioned that customer experience will take over price and product as the main brand differentiator by 2020. This emphasizes the importance of client procedures in influencing the whole client experience. Here’s how you can understand client experience:

Conduct Client Surveys: Surveys can provide useful insights regarding client satisfaction and growth opportunities. Harvard Business Review article mentioned that 84% of clients would recommend conducting surveys to improve their collaboration experience.

Map Client Journeys: Understanding every one of the touchpoints a client experiences with your company makes it possible for targeted improvements. McKinsey’s article mentioned that a company that plans client journeys is 58% more probably to do better than the competition in terms of revenue growth.

Client Procedures Key Metrics

Clients value effectiveness in how they communicate with businesses since time is a valuable commodity. The Salesforce article mentioned that 64% of clients expect businesses to respond to and communicate with them in real time. Here are some suggestions for increasing efficiency: 

Set up a Strong Communication System: Effective communication is important. HubSpot article mentioned that 86% of experts preferred email for company communications, stressing the need for an effective email system.

Minimize Turnaround Times: Delivering goods, services, and responses on time is important for keeping clients satisfied. PwC article mentioned that 65% of clients believe that advertising has less of an impact than a great experience.

Your Employees

How to effectively motivate employees and improve their productivity in the workplace? The argument is the same as the nation approaches reopening the office. Reducing the number of employees in the office at any given time is necessary for office safety and social distancing measures. 

A Chief Technology Officer at Bishop Fleming mentioned that in the pandemic, only 20-30% capacity of that works in the office. Because most employees must work remotely, focusing on employee productivity becomes necessary. The article on the Financial Services Sector mentioned that 93% of the employees felt more productive working remotely. And, from the viewpoint of the practice, employees had similar confidence in the performance of workers.

Personalization Of Services 

Clients wanted personalized services that addressed their particular service needs. An article from Accenture mentioned that 91% of clients are much more inclined to get from brands that offer recommendations and offers that are relevant to their needs. To improve personalized services: 

Utilize Client Data: Finding client preference patterns can be simplified by data analytics. Businesses can increase their RIO by 15-20% through the use of data-driven personalized service, according to the article by McKinsey.

Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: CRM systems are essential for keeping track of communications with clients and improving services as needed. Nucleus Research article mentioned that an average return of $8.71 for each dollar invested in CRM. See how to use accounting CRM to build good relationships with clients.

Effectively Reducing Challenges 

Addressing issues immediately and proactively is important to developing trust and loyalty. PwC article mentioned that 32% of clients are considering not working with their current brand after just one poor experience. To enhance issue resolution:

Set Up a Strong Support System: The Zendesk article mentioned that 62% of clients prefer to use multiple methods to address issues. Providing a range of assistance options improves client satisfaction and accessibility.

Technology for Predictive Analysis: Potential problems can be identified right away with the use of predictive analysis. Forbes article mentioned that a company outperforming its competitors when it comes to financial performance is 2.2 times higher when it uses predictive analytics.

Evaluating Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction evaluation is an efficient method to measure the effectiveness of better client procedures. BrightLocal article indicates that 88% of clients put the same importance on online reviews and personal recommendations. To determine how satisfied a client is:

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys: Net Promoter Scores Surveys are an effective method to evaluate client loyalty and satisfaction. Businesses with strong NPS scores typically expand at a rate that is more than twice that of their competitors, as mentioned in the Bain & Company article.

Online Reviews and Ratings: A company’s reputation can be greatly improved by positive online reviews.


Improving client procedures is not a short-term endeavor but a wise investment for the long-term growth of the company’s success. Maintaining development is important. Businesses can build longer-term success in a more competitive market by comprehending and putting these strategies into practice.

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