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Living Robots: Is Bio-Robot Reproduction A Reality Now?

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When scientific research and technology come together, they can create wonders. Scientists can invent things that are beyond imagination. Such inventions show us how Artificial Intelligence combined with complex biological processes gives outstanding results. Once hampered, human health and body parts cannot be recovered as they were in the before the trauma or injuries. In the past few years, scientists have been working on self-replicating organisms with the help of biotechnologies that might help humans in the future. 

Recently, scientists at the University of Vermont, Tufts University, and the Wyss University for Biologically inspired engineering have developed a special type of robot called ‘Living Robots’ with the help of advancements in complex biological systems. According to the scientists, these bots do not look like normal metallic, machine-like devices as the development process is different. These living robots are named ‘Xenobots’. They are AI-designed organisms, mainly formed by computer programming and then assembled manually. They are produced with the help of postpartum stem cells of the frog and growing them in a suitable environment.

Will it help in regenerative medicine?

The C-shaped packman-like organisms behave autonomously. They replicate themselves and make copies or clones which is known as self-replication. The stem cells can be preserved and reused even after 25 years. Though, the preservation of fundamental body cells for future use is a new technology, medical centers or healthcare centers now compulsorily take the stem cells of a new-born child. Basic regenerative medicine treatments have been implemented such as cell therapy, cell-plasma therapy, neural prolotherapy, etc. These help in body’s healing process, replacement of injured cells, and reproducing new cells. It also includes tissue engineering that helps repairing or replacing damaged body cells.

Integration- Nature Wonders And Technology

Experts say that this is the beginning of the amalgamation of robotics and living creatures. From this moment forth, more such scientific-technological wonders will be surprising humans. Special features from different animals can be chosen and combined with the technologies to make the research useful in human lives. For example, a rare feature in lizards is that they can grow their tail even after a major injury could be used in disabled or severely injured humans cases.

Recent discoveries in living robotics can lead to the solution for traumatic injuries, cancer, birth defects, etc. It would be a great discovery in medicine if the soldiers or needy people get replacement of injured hands, legs or other body parts which is actually possible in heart, pancreas or kidney transplants. Plus, the recent technology does not have any organisms that could think. In upcoming years, if such advancements are possible, we could create a complete human body in labs with the help of tissue engineering and living robots technology.

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