Useful Tips For Finding The Right Learning Resources For Training Programs

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Learning resources are very helpful for people who are undertaking a training program or students who need help with study material.

The resources you choose as a trainer play an important role in how effectively your students or employees learn from their training programs. Resources that employ versatile learning styles and use mixed mediums are popular choices because they enable people to interact with the material.

You should choose learning resources keeping the training program’s requirements and your employees’ interests in mind.

Let us take a look at some tips which will help you select the right learning resources.

They Should Be Relevant To The Training Skills

The learning resources you choose should be relevant to the skills you are teaching.

If you want resources for business management training, go through the resource material’s description and check whether it covers all the important aspects of the subject.

Avoid resources that give very little or irrelevant information.

There are different ways to determine the relevance of the resource material you pick for your training program. Some of them are given below:

  • The end goal of your training program.
  • The certifications you’ll award.
  • The new skills and experience your trainees will gain.

Interactivity Level

Your students are more likely to learn better when the resources provided are interactive and interesting.

Online learning for training can become boring and monotonous if no efforts are made to engage the learners.

 Check whether the resources provide interactive learning options like,

The inclusion of these options will enhance the overall learning experience.

Supplements College Training

Students who train for a particular post or internship opportunity take the help of learning resources to supplement their training.

Look at the general syllabus and check if the resources cover all the topics they have trouble with.

Reputed sites like learning resources Australia have a comprehensive list of courses, e-learning resources and RTO materials. You can browse through their list and pick the one you need.

You can even claim free resource samples for a course or program.

Enables You To Track Progress

Tracking trainees’ progress will enable you to assess their performance and the efficiency of your training program.

Select learning resources that will allow students and employees to mark their progress.

Apart from progress, certain student management systems can also track participation, attendance and engagement. You will get to know if your learners have a good attendance record or if they are engaging enough in your course.

Make Sure The Resources Are Learner-Centered

Resources that are learner-centered contain detailed explanations about the material, tutorial videos, solutions and other things.

This helps the trainer provide extra information to the student or employee.

Teacher-centered materials contain the primary material. 

Try to avoid learning resources that present plain material. Pick ones that go into the material in detail and explain them to the learner.

Choose Resources That Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Different people have different learning styles.

Some people learn better through visual materials like graphs, images and tables. Others might learn better through audio lectures and videos.

Pick resources that cater to different styles and present information in versatile ways. Your students or employees will have a variety of choices and can choose learning methods they are comfortable with.

This will make the learning process a whole lot easier and more interesting. 

Make Sure The Resources Are Easily Accessible

People find it incredibly frustrating when they have difficulty accessing learning materials.

Your trainees or students should be able to easily access the resources you pick. There should be no restrictions or complicated steps involved.

Easy navigation and user-friendly layouts are other things you should look out for.


Choose resources from sites that are reputed and do a background check on the company.

You should also look at reviews and contact people who have purchased the resources to be sure of their quality and content.



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