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5 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

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In case you are unfamiliar with artificial intelligence, or AI, it has been developing for many years. AI is technology that can learn from human interactions and adjust responses according to learned information. AI is now used for various functions, such as translating a foreign language in written and spoken forms for on-the-go travelers. 

AI even answers your phone, and the voice no longer sounds like a recording but responds in a human voice with inflection and tone. AI is perfect for analyzing data, which makes it great for deciphering your real estate business’s algorithms while offering AI lead generation for your sales and marketing needs. Check out the five ways AI is taking the real estate business by storm. 

1. Lead Generator

AI can compile and generate quality leads for your business powered by the internet, in conjunction with popular social media sites. Instead of buying what is a vaguely prequalified list, real estate businesses can now run software powered by AI to comb through the algorithms and extract a potential client list based on interest. When you click on the property listing you are interested in seeing, the line of communication is now open. 

2. Interested Parties

By examining the potential client’s point of interest, it is now easy for AI to compile a list of similar properties in nearby demographic areas. The end user now has a similar from which to choose, creating a more extensive list of potential interests. Possible matches are now readily available in seconds. When the searcher becomes a potential buyer contact is made. 

3. First Point of Contact

The first point of contact is an AI powered text to inquire about the interests of your potential buyer. With some basic screening questions AI can pass off the interested customer directly to a knowledgeable agent for further information. The agent only receives interested buyers who respond to the online prompt. With a live real estate agent now on the line the process quickly moves forward with an appointment. 

4. Speedier Showings

From generated leads to truly interested clients the speed in which truly interested buyers are aligned with dedicated real estate agents is mind boggling. With AI lead generation strategies listings previously taking months with open houses are often reduced to weeks, or even days, with property seekers matched to showings with an agent in record speed. 

5. Zero Cold Calls

AI can pinpoint potential clients across the internet and neatly compile them into pre-qualified clients. Interested buyers are quickly sorted from curious lookers and AI led generation takes over in the form of calls made that are difficult to discern from living breathing agents. AI now saves immeasurable man hours on non productive leads. There is no need any longer for cold calling.

Fast Track To Sales

Nearly everywhere you look you can find the influence of AI including AI lead generation. Time is money and many businesses, including the real estate companies, are finding AI to be an invaluable resource. Real estate agents can now spend their time making sales and closing deals while leaving the drudge work for AI. 



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