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Which language does your online reputation speak, Negative or Positive? Reasons why you need to make it a priority

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Slanders, negative media coverage, negative reviews, an old tweet or jokes popping up everyone’s feeds. While all these are nothing new, they have been reasons many reputations have been dragged into the mud, and many even getting kicked out of businesses. This is to say your online reputation can be your greatest asset if used right. That is, landing you leads and customers and contributing to immense growth. However, it can also lead to your ruin if you don’t take the wheel of your online presence now and drive it to success. One negative review can be keeping you away from winning a loyal customer. 

Have you ever googled yourself to see what others are saying about your brand? Well, take a second to do just that and get back to this post! And don’t be too alarmed when you are presented with what you don’t want to see.  The fact is, someone out there has got something to say about you, no matter how small or big your business is. There are as well odds that someone is already checking out your online presence before making a buying decision. Then, make it worthwhile. In this regard, experts at Reputation Savvy shed more light on why you need to take your online reputation seriously more than ever before in this digital age. This way, not only will your business shine as bright as a diamond online, but it will also make you grow in no time. 

Before diving in, what exactly is online reputation management?

Online reputation is simply the reputation of a company, product or services, a person, or any other things online. It relates to how brands or businesses are being perceived in the digital world. There are various things that come into play when it comes to online reputation and that need your attention in order to ensure people’s perceptions of your business are exactly as you wanted it. This is not only limited to online reviews but also include:

  • Review sites
  • Social media
  • Local listings sites.
  • Websites
  • Online directories with reviews
  • Article submissions platforms
  • Social news 
  • Blogging communities

Why do you need a good online reputation?

The importance of having a good online reputation might not be anything new to you. However, a good online reputation is not only about having a good image that makes you feel and appear good online. Reputation Savvy brings to you other reasons why you should make a positive online reputation a priority. 

Win more customers over

Consumers are willing to pay 22 percent for well-loved companies with rave reviews. The point is who doesn’t want to purchase from a business that comes with peace of mind, whether in the quality of product or services, after-sales services, pricing, and many more. Not only will they pay higher for your products or services, but they will also turn to loyal customers who will never hesitate to sing your praises to others. 

Make more money

Businesses that are highly esteemed do not have to spend a fortune convincing consumers to patronize them. Only a positive reputation is enough reasons to convince prospects of how trustworthy a brand is to work with. This way, you do not only save on advertising costs but also get to win more leads and sales without hassle.

Leverage the benefit of word-of-mouth

Consumers have long trusted themselves more than any companies or marketers. The internet is giving many people the power to voice out their opinions and experiences about a brand. And people trust other people, their honest reviews and opinions matter to them more than anything. Therefore, having good online reputation management will ensure when people get to spread positive things about you. When negative reviews occur, you already have the knowledge and the tools to handle them. 

Attract the best in the industry

Who doesn’t want to work with a company with a good reputation? I bet no one! Your company’s reputation no doubt plays a huge role in the type of employees you attract. A good employee wants a good job and not just any job. They want a company that shares the same values as them and they are ready to put in a long-term commitment to achieving the company’s goals. On the other hand, those with a negative online reputation might struggle with attracting the best to fill in positions. 

Save yourself the headache of negativity

It costs more to save a dying reputation than to build upon positive ones. Being proactive in your online reputation will save you the financial and emotional stress of repairing a damaged one. 

Promote your business growth

The more people love your brand, the more they are willing to associate with you. Your employees, your business partners, and associates, your suppliers or services providers, your communities. Your online reputation impacts every aspect of your relationship. When people around you know they can trust you, they will be willing to work with you and drive business growth. 


We might as well let you know that managing an online reputation is easier said than done as there are a lot of things that might be beyond your control. You might be trying your best to offer the best and a negative review might seem uncalled for. A negative post can spread like wildfire and things might get out of control within a moment. 

But simply because some things are hard to control doesn’t mean they are uncontrollable. At Reputation Savvy, we understand how challenging it is to juggle  between delivering the best products or services and managing an online reputation. That is why you need a good online reputation management company to get your online presence to reflect what you desire. By this, you achieve reputation excellence with new and many opportunities arising  to contribute to business growth.

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