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Yes! The new buzzword and the recent sensation, the discovery of new earth like planets roaming around a sun which is colder than our sun! Seems like a new hope of evacuation from earth and getting started to pack our bags and start making a journey towards  theTRAPPIST-1system.

TRAPPIST-1 system, a world of seven earth like planets having the potential of survival for the human being, has just been discovered by the scientists. People must have started planning and dreaming to evacuate earth and start a journey towards the planet. But wait till you read this one!

The life on TRAPPIST-1 will not be as you are dreaming, for sure! Cause the condition of the planets are still unknown and can be immensely different than the planet we are living on. So, here are some fact you should know before you start packing your bags to leave this planet.

Magnificent sky view

One thing is for sure that you are going to experience a magnificent sky view standing on TRAPPIST-1. Standing on one of the planets of the TRAPPIST-1, you can see the beautiful picturesque of the other six planets moving around. It might happen that you can see the nearby planet as big as, twice of the size of our moon! The other planet will be as clear in the view as that we can even its structure.

Not so bright daylight

As the sun of the TRAPPIST-1is 2,000 times dimmer than our sun, the light on these planets will not be bright as it is on earth. Though all of the seven planets are very close to the sun still the daylight will be very low for us. Human beings are habituated to the bright sun, so when you will be on TRAPPIST-1 you are going to definitely miss the warmth of the sun you find on earth. The condition will be worse at night as there will not be sufficient light to warm human being. Vision at night will be hampered a lot.

Year of a less than two weeks!

Yes! Though it sounds weird, year on TRAPPIST-1 will be less than even two weeks! The reason is simple, these planets take very less time to complete an orbit around their sun. All six of the planets takes 1-2 weeks to complete their round  around their sun. The gravity of these planets is affecting them very much. Being too close to each other makes them behave in such way that their gravitational force impact others in a very adverse way. On the other hand the days at TRAPPIST-1 will be eternal. As the planets are tidally locked, they do not move around and one side of every planet faces the sun all the time. The scientist are having the opinion that it is really doubtful whether a life can sustain on these planets in such conditions.

So, remember these facts before you start dreaming about abandoning earth and start a voyage towards the TRAPPIST-1 with an urge to live there.



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