Joining the Healthcare Industry

The Case for Joining the Healthcare Industry

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Increasing life expectancies around the globe are leading to an increasing number of aged individuals. This has created the need for a strong, expanding, and flexible healthcare force. Consequently, professions in the healthcare industry are predicted to grow faster than any other occupation from 2020 to 2030, at 16%. The 2.6 million jobs generated as a result are also much more than other occupational groups. If you have been wondering whether to be a part of the booming industry, read on as we lay the benefits for you:

1. Diverse Job Opportunities

The health sector has jobs that fit various personality types and educational backgrounds. From athletic trainers and chiropractors to pharmacists and doctors, you have several distinct options to choose from. This gives you the flexibility to choose your work environment. You can choose to surround yourself with animals in need by opting to be a veterinarian or maybe work as a massage therapist or optician if you want to stay away from blood. Master’s degrees can land you jobs in speech-language pathology or genetic counseling. Postsecondary non-degree awards can get you into EMTs and Paramedics. Whatever your qualification and your preference, the chances are that you’ll find a suitable job for yourself.

2. High Wages

The healthcare sector also enables high-paying careers. In many cases, the higher a job’s entry-level requirements, the better it pays. Some of the high-paying occupations and their median salaries from 2021 include:

  • Nurse anesthetics, midwives, and practitioners earn $123,780
  • Optometrists earn $124,300
  • Veterinarians earn $100,370
  • Physician assistants $121,530

Though it is to be noted that healthcare support occupations like medical transcriptionists or home health aides have considerably lower salaries, make sure the job you are putting effort toward suits your aspirations.

3. Flexibility in Timing and Locations

As healthcare is required around-the-clock, many professions in healthcare offer adjustable timings. You can work overnight and take the next day off, work remotely, or even on your own time. The need for healthcare professionals also isn’t local to an area: the world benefits from health experts. You won’t have to worry about finding a job if you shift states or even a country. 

4. Fulfilling Work

Choosing a career goes beyond looking at average wage estimates. Many of us dream of a profession that helps us grow and let us play our part in the world. Careers in healthcare are particularly suitable in this regard. Working as a healthcare professional will let you witness and be a part of many inspiring journeys. You will collect big data with tools such as asthma inhalers with GPS-enable trackers, CDS, and nir spectroscopy tech to help improve medical monitoring, diagnosing and decision-making on the spot. You’ll help people heal, and that will allow you to heal and grow. Knowing that you are receiving personal as well as financial support from your line of work will grant you mental peace and keep you motivated.


If you’re looking for a stable and fulfilling career option, working in the health industry can be among your best options. It allows individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and levels to enter it and offers them multiple opportunities to choose from. Additionally, not only is this field one of the most respected fields in the minds of people, but it also caters to one’s own mind and soul at a spiritual level. You should give the healthcare industry a serious thought if you have yet to carve a career for yourself. You can go through job openings in Genie Healthcare if you’re ready to begin your journey.



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