Israeli company promises to revolutionize real-estate with virtual-reality technology

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Bnei Bark based Metanoia Iteractive is the first, and so far only, company that brings cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technologies into the Israeli real-estate market, helping consumers and corporate clients experience home purchasing and design in new ways, while also helping them save money.

“For the last two years we have finished developing this tool which allows you to develop your real estate through virtual reality,” Metanoia’s founder and CEO Michael S. Reznik told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Monday. “For the big real-estate companies this is a great tool also for marketing purposes, and for private consumers this will save valuable hours and cut expenses – replacing the need to travel around the country looking for the right furniture and decor.”

In the short time that Metanoia has expanded its technology, the company has already piqued the curiosity of some of Israel’s largest and most notable real-estate and construction companies; they see this innovation as a game-changer and as a good marketing tool.

Using EpicGames’s Unreal Engine, Metanoia’s coders turned a cutting-edge 3D imaging tool from the most advanced developments in the world of gaming into a product for the real-estate world.

“For the first time we give clients the ability to see their future homes before they are constructed or refurbished, saving them from possible mistakes,” Reznik said.

Now, Metanoia is not only a pioneer in Israel but also in the forefront of its field globally. As to date only two other companies offer similar services – one in Taiwan and another in the United Kingdom.



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