Hytera SmartOne

Hytera SmartOne, a new generation Unified Dispatching and Communication Platform

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Hytera has announced ‘Hytera SmartOne’, a unified communication platform. It will provide reliable communication amidst the radio users, dispatchers, and public network users.

Hytera moving forward

SmartOne is a comprehensive, unified communication platform. It comprises a variety of functions such as dispatching, voice recording, AVL, camera monitoring using one intelligent interface. It is also possible to integrate and interconnect several mobile networks at the same time. When paired with Hytera’s PDC760, SmartOne will integrate full video calling.

With SmartOne’s advancement, Hytera will offer reliable communication among radio users, dispatchers, and public network users through interconnected networks. This powerful dispatching platform is a versatile solution offering voice call, GPS positioning service, and messaging functions. This will also provide a variety of professional functions, which includes voice recording and camera monitoring. Moreover, it is possible to integrate browser-based web content, such as big data application or web-based analysis.

SmartOne with some Smart advantages

SmartOne can be scaled to different system size. This ranges from single stand-alone solution, to complete client-server architecture with central servers and remote workstations. It has a multi-client capability and every user can be given corresponding radio groups and subscribers. Also if the active server fails, the standby server automatically takes over the service and ensures continuous operation. Besides the IP-connected network connection, SmartOne can also be used as a radio dispatcher.

SmartOne provides manual and automatic data backup and recovery. The dispatcher can also include monitoring of digital camera system, web pages and many more features to provide the most integrated solution available.

What officials have said

Chad Stojkovich, Regional Sales Manager, Hytera America, Inc., said, “Hytera SmartOne is an ideal solution for customers who are looking to efficiently manage their fleet, both in critical and everyday communications when end users may be utilizing different networks or systems. We have received positive feedback from our dealers since rolling out the product especially around the system’s rich functionality and opportunity for customization.”

Steve Cragg, VP Sales, Hytera America, Inc., said “Hytera is providing the most flexible and comprehensive solution in the market. Its cost-effectiveness also means we’re making it possible for more organizations to put into place a reliable, unified communications system specified to each one’s business needs.”

A bit about Hytera

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications. It has managed in bringing the most valued and user-centric solutions to clients across the world. The firm was established in 1993 in Shenzhen, China. With a market share of 12.6%, it is the second largest global radio terminal manufacturer.




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