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How to Grow a Discord Server?

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Discord can be best described as a digital platform where netizens hang out and create servers to interact with people passionate about the same stuff as they are. However, several users ask how to grow a discord server as they fail to convince people to join their community.

Since the launch of Discord in 2012, this platform has been on a success streak, and now it stands as the most popular streaming platform with over 350 million users and 6.7 million servers. These stats may look fascinating, but they make things difficult for newcomers.

When a new discord user creates a server of any niche, he joins a competition against millions of old servers, which is just dreadful. But of course, you can’t give up on growing your server because it is the most critical goal for a passionate discord user.

Having a well-established server on discord help you build your online presence and make you an influencer in a particular niche. Later on, you can also use your reputation on Discord to start advertising products and collaborate with brands to increase their reach.

So, now you might have a good idea why every Discord user wants to grow their server and why it’s not that simple. That’s why in this post, we will shed some light on tactics that can help grow your discord server and increase the active members in your community. 

How to Grow your Discord Server?

First, you need to know that all server owners struggle with growing their community at some point, so you’re not alone in this. Second, the experts have tested all the tips you are about to read, and these will surely increase your member count if you apply them regularly.

Share Great Stuff

Before worrying about growing your Discord server, ask yourself, why would anyone like to join my community? There are millions of other servers on the platform that people can join, but if you want them to join yours, you need to focus on authenticity.

We realize that the concept of authenticity is quite broad, but when it comes to discord, there’s nothing more unique than engaging content. That’s why you need to focus on creating and sharing eye-catching content and attracting the audience.

But how can you always manage to share authentic stuff? You have to stay on trend and share the latest news regarding your niche. If you stick to the directions, your every post will be authentic and grab people’s attention and make them want to join your server.

Also, make sure that you don’t plagiarize content because that’s one thing discord users hate the most, and it might affect your community’s reputation. So, always looks for great and unique content to share with your audience.

Be Active

As a server admin, you need to stay active for most hours of the day to show an online presence and be there to welcome any new joiners. Staying active on your server will also improve your community’s reputation in front of the Discord algorithm.

grow a discovered server

Basically, by staying active on your server, you get the chance to socialize within your community and spread the word. You can look for people interested in the niche of your server and share an invite link with them so that they can enjoy your latest content.

It will also allow you to interact with your current community members and form a bond with them, keeping them engaged and convincing them to promote your server, so their digital family can grow even more.

Be Focused on Subject

Never divert from the niche of your server, and always share content that your audience can find relatable and gets quickly. Many server owners share generic content in their community, hoping to attract a bigger audience, but that is a big mistake.

If you want to grow your server, you need to stick to one niche you are most passionate about and upload content related to it. Once you start doing that, people interested in that niche will soon join your community to get the latest news in their field.

For example, if you have built a game community, you must share news only related to gaming. Why? Because that’s the only way, you will be able to keep your current followers and convince new ones to join your server.

Use Server Listing Websites / Discord Servers

Making a discord server is easy, but if you want people to find it quickly and make it official, you need to get it registered on a listing website. Server listing sites are a means of launching your new server into the mainstream and putting it out there for the world to see.

How to Grow a Discord Server?

You can find many server listing directories on the web, and you need to add your server there before you start working on the tactics to grow it. You can add your server on websites like, and once you do that, people will be able to find and see your community, which is a big step in gaining more members on your server.

Advertise It

To get more members on your discord server, you need to increase its online reach, and for that, you can use the classical method of advertising. There are many potential channels to advertise your server, but the most recommended ones are discord server listing websites.

There are some famous listing websites where millions of people visit the top server board daily and find new communities to join. You can collaborate with a website like that and ask them to advertise your server on a prominent spot on their website.

If they agree to do so, your server will be exposed in front of millions of discord users and will instantly start getting new members. This tactic might cost you some money because websites don’t promote servers for free, but it’s worth a shot since the results are pretty positive.

Promote Your Discord Server on Social Media

If you’re not a fan of advertising and want a more subtle approach to promoting your discord server, social media platforms are your best option. They are simple and easy to use, and most new discord users come from social media, so using them for promotion is an excellent idea.

Start with the essential platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and then move on to more personal platforms like Snapchat or WhatsApp. By using these platforms, you’ll get the chance to introduce your server to your friends, family, and colleagues.

You can ask them to join your community, and since these people want the best for you, they will heed your call. To make this tactic more effective, target people interested in your server’s niche, as you will be adding some value to their life.

Host Events and Giveaways

To keep a server alive and in top-notch condition, you need to keep things interesting in it, and when it comes to that, experts suggest hosting events and giveaways. These are classic tactics straight out of old-school marketing books but are still effective in this digital era.

If you feel like things are going slow and want to engage and attract users, you should start an event. It will give your community something to be excited about it, and when you distribute prizes among the winners, it will convince new people to join so they can win too.

Use Discord Bots

Staying active on your server is vital for attracting new users, but you can’t spend 24 hours of a day looking at a screen. Therefore, you should use discord bots on your server, so they can make your community feel like you’re there even when you’re not.

Discord Servers

Due to the latest advancements in discord, bots have gotten more intelligent, and now when you chat with them, it feels like you’re talking to a natural person. Experts are fond of them and recommend installing them on servers for a better social presence.

However, you can’t rely on bots all the time, as they are still bots and lack the personal touch that your audience might need. Try to spend as much time on your server and use bots only when necessary.

Spread the Word

Whether you choose to advertise your server on a listing website or promote it on social media platforms, keep in mind that your main goal should be to spread the word about your community as fast as possible.

You can go for word-of-mouth marketing to achieve this goal, which requires you to utilize your connections and ask people face to face to join your community.

This direct interaction is more effective since you’ll be introducing and promoting your community as a leader, and it will leave a great impression on whomever you encounter. There’s another effective method of direct promotion, and we’ll explore it in the next heading.

Buy Discord Direct Messages

Ask any expert, and they will tell you that promotional strategies work the best when you choose a more personal approach, and that’s precisely why you should focus on spreading the word about your server through Discord direct messages.

Discord Serve

This tactic involves sending a message to your contacts asking them to join your community. When you ask a person to help you out by joining their cause, they feel valued and make sure to do what they are asked.

That’s why Discord direct messages are such an excellent promotion tool, as they give you almost a 70% chance of converting a visitor to a community member. However, while this strategy is fantastic in yielding good results, it takes time to send messages.

Even if you make a template and send everyone the same message, it still might take you a whole day to reach out to a thousand people, and by then, you’ll be exhausted and lose the will to continue.

So, if you’re not willing to give up on the Discord direct messages strategy but want to apply it quickly and effectively, then perhaps it’s time you visit Media Mister and buy Direct Discord Messages from them with complete confidence.

Media Mister is a renowned agency providing Discord services for almost a decade now. Believe it or not, these guys have delivered several million discord direct messages for their clients and have earned the respect of many satisfied customers.

Stop wasting time and make a move by opening your browser and visiting Media Mister’s official website, where you can purchase authentic discord direct messages with a money-back guarantee for assurance. Boost your online presence on discord today with Media Mister!


Discord is a rapidly growing platform with an ever-increasing competition that haunts newcomers. However, we assure you that the tips shared in today’s article effectively boost a discord community, but only if applied regularly, so have faith and stick to them.

Moreover, if you feel like tactics are working too slowly or in a hurry to grow your community, go to Media Mister’s website and purchase direct messages from them to effectively promote your server and get more members.

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