How Much Does Facebook Pay For Views in 2024?

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Facebook’s monetization model, a topic that flashes interest among content makers, advertisers, and casual users alike. With Facebook being a force in the realm of social media, understanding the amount Facebook pays for views isn’t only intriguing but fundamental for anybody anyone looking to leverage the platform for financial gains.

In this post, we will learn about the ins and outs of Facebook’s payment system for views, dissect the factors influencing earnings, and provide you with the knowledge you need to maximize your revenue on this globally influential platform. 

We’re not just talking about the thrill of going viral; we’re dissecting what Facebook likes, shares, and views could mean in real earnings.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements for Earning On Facebook?

The eligibility for earning on Facebook, content creators need to adhere to a set of criteria:

  1. Meet Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.
  2. Comply with its Community Standards.
  3. Adhere to its Terms of Service.
  4. Ensure content is in line with its Content Monetization Policies.
  5. Achieve specific milestones such as a minimum number of followers or views, depending on the monetization method chosen.
  6. Use a business account and have an established presence on the platform.

Facebook’s Payment Policies For Video Views

Facebook’s payment policies for video views have evolved, offering various ways for content creators to monetize their videos. 

Some of the key aspects of Facebook’s payment structure:

1. Payment for Video Views

Facebook offers a dynamic structure for paying content creators for video views. The platform pays between $0.01 to $0.02 per video view, though this rate is not fixed and depends on various factors. Monetization through Facebook becomes active once a video surpasses the threshold of 1,000 views. For this reason, individuals and businesses buy authentic Facebook video views and become eligible for Facebook monetization.

2. Facebook Reels Play Program

This program allows creators to earn money from short videos, or reels, with a potential earning of up to $35,000 per month. The criteria for this include a requirement for the reel to be viewed for almost 600,000 minutes in 60 days or less​​.

3. In-Stream Ads

Facebook offers in-stream ads, which are short advertisements placed before, during, or after a video. Revenue generated through in-stream ads is split, with Facebook taking 45% and the creator receiving 55%​​.

4. Monetization Methods

Facebook has introduced several ways to monetize content, such as in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, branded content, and subscription groups. Each method has its eligibility requirements and offers different earning potentials. 

For example, creators can earn 100% of the subscription fees paid through the website, but only 70% for payments made on mobile platforms due to app store fees​​.

5. Payment Schedule

Facebook pays creators once a month, around the 21st of the following month. Creators must meet a minimum earnings threshold to be eligible for a payout, which is $100 for most creators and $25 for U.S. creators​​.

How Much Does Facebook Pay For Views?

Facebook pays different view counts on videos. 

Facebook Pay For 1,000 Views

Facebook’s monetization policy requires a minimum of 1,000 views for a video to start earning. For 1,000 views Facebook pays between $8.75 and $10. This threshold ensures only content that attracts a significant audience gets monetized.

Facebook Pay For 10,000 Views

For 10,000 views, the estimated payment is around $48. This is calculated based on the average rate for in-stream ads, where advertisers pay approximately $8.75 per 1,000 views, and content creators receive 55% of this amount​​.

Facebook Pay For 100,000 Views

At this level, creators can expect to earn between $875 and $1,000. The earnings depend on various factors such as the video’s quality, audience demographics, and advertiser demand.

Facebook Pay For 1 Million Views

About $1,000 to $10,000 this is how much you get from 1 million Facebook views. This wide range is due to variables like the type of content, audience engagement, and the monetization method used (such as in-stream ads, branded content, merchandise sales, or subscriptions)​​​​.

Facebook Pay For Beyond 1 Million Views

As the number of views continues to rise, the potential earnings also increase. The exact amount is contingent on the same factors affecting earnings at lower view counts, content quality, audience engagement, and specific monetization strategies employed.

What Is The Average Ad CPC (Cost-Per-Click) On Facebook?

The average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Facebook varies between $0.80 to $0.94. This figure can change depending on various factors like the ad’s content and the targeted audience

How Much Do Facebook Reels Pay Per 1,000 Views? 

The specific payment rate for Facebook Reels per 1,000 views is not clearly defined. Considering the general monetization rates for Facebook views, where 100,000 views can earn approximately between $875 and $1,000, it suggests that for 1,000 views, the earnings could potentially be in the range of about $8.75 to $10, subject to factors such as the content’s quality and audience engagement​


What is the Minimum Number of Views Required to Earn Money on Facebook Pay for Views?

To earn money on Facebook Pay for Views, your content should have at least 60,000 minutes of total watch time on the original content in 60 days.

What Are the Payment Methods for Facebook Pay for Views?

The specific payment methods for Facebook Pay for Views are not detailed in the available information. Facebook pays creators through methods aligned with their monetization policies, likely including direct bank transfers or payments to a linked account.

The Bottom Line

From this post, we’ve learned about the intricacies of Facebook’s payment system for video views. It has highlighted the importance of understanding the platform’s evolving monetization policies and the key factors that influence earnings from video content. 

This knowledge empowers creators to strategically create and optimize their content to maximize potential earnings on Facebook, be it through regular videos or the Facebook Reels platform. The insights offered are invaluable for anyone looking to harness the power of social media for content monetization.

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