Hivelocity acquires Incero

Hivelocity acquires Incero to expand its national footprint

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The acquisition would allow companies to enhance their market presence and services.

Hivelocity, a Tampa, Florida-based data center has recently acquired, an infrastructure as a service provider. The financial values of this privately funded transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition allows Hivelocity to privately connect its data centers in Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and New York City to Incero’s centers in Dallas, Seattle, and New York. It also enables Hivelocity to enhance its network performance and allows customers to exchange data for free at faster speeds.

Hivelocity to expand its presence nationwide

Steve Eschweiler, Chief Operating Officer, Hivelocity, stated, “We are very excited to bring the Hivelocity experience to all of our new customers. Our customer-centric focus is what continues to foster our growth and what allows us to do things like we accomplished (with this acquisition). Every one of our customers will benefit from the addition of our ninth, 10th and 11th data centers in what is now seven highly strategic domestic markets,”

The deal to enhance Incero’s service range

With this deal, Incero’s customers would have access to services that were previously unavailable to them, such as private clouds, the rapid restoration of data, managed services and the ability to deploy bare-metal servers in more than twice as many markets. A bare-metal server is a single tenant server that allows individuals or businesses to own their own data center, a colocation center or rent them on a subscription basis from a managed service provider.  

About Hivelocity

Incepted in 2002, Hivelocity provides high-performance data center services to thousands of customers from over 130 countries. Last year, the company acquired RackAlley, an infrastructure as a service provider headquartered in Los Angeles. The deal provided more options to businesses looking for space outside of their own offices for their computer needs, especially during times of high demand.

About Incero

Incero was established in 2008 and gained traction with aggressive pricing and a no-nonsense approach to self-managed bare-metal, according to Hivelocity. The COO said the company’s goal during the next several months is to improve Incero’s network, its support experience and “give them more options to most effectively operate their online presence.”



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