Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes of All Time

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Have you ever wondered who are the highest paid athletes of all time and how they made their fortunes? The allure of the sporting world extends beyond the thrill of competition to the intriguing realm of financial success.

Sports is a lucrative industry that can generate billions of dollars in revenue for athletes, teams, leagues, sponsors, and media outlets.

Some athletes have transcended their sports and become global icons, earning huge sums of money from salaries, winnings, endorsements, investments, and other sources. But who are the highest paid athletes of all time, and how did they achieve their success and fame?

This blog post ranks the top 5 highest-paid athletes of all time. The rankings rely on inflation-adjusted earnings, per a Sportico study. We will also look at how they achieved their success and what they are doing now. So, let’s get started and see who made the cut.

Let’s have a look at Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes of All Time

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Country: USA
  • Earnings: $3.3B

Michael Jordan, an iconic American basketball player, left an indelible mark on the NBA throughout his illustrious 15-season career. Revered as one of the highest paid athletes of all time, Jordan’s legacy is characterized by numerous accolades and achievements.

Career Dominance and Achievements

Michael Jordan’s NBA career spans 15 seasons, marked by unparalleled achievements, cementing his status as the greatest basketball player. With six NBA championships and six Finals MVP titles, he exemplified team leadership and clutch performances with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan’s scoring dominance is evident through ten regular season scoring titles and five NBA MVP Awards, showcasing his offensive brilliance. Defensively, he earned ten All-NBA First Team selections and nine All-NBA Defensive First Team nods, highlighting his prowess on both ends. His 14 NBA All-Star Game selections, three MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals attest to his monumental impact and enduring legacy.

Current Role and Business Ventures

Today, Michael Jordan remains integral to the basketball world as the chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. Beyond the court, he’s a savvy entrepreneur with successful ventures. His clothing and shoe line, coupled with strategic business partnerships, demonstrate his acumen. Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015, Jordan’s influence persists, extending far beyond his playing days.

Revolutionizing Athlete Endorsements

In 1984, Jordan’s business acuity transformed athlete endorsements, securing a groundbreaking $2.5 million, five-year deal with Nike. This deal surpassed previous NBA standards. The Air Jordan sneaker line, introduced in 1985, aimed for a modest $3 million in sales for the initial three years. However, it exceeded expectations, generating an astonishing $126 million in the first year alone. This agreement not only signaled a paradigm shift in athlete endorsements but also established the groundwork for Jordan’s unmatched success in the business world. It solidified his iconic status, extending beyond the basketball court.

2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
  • Sport: Golf
  • Country: USA
  • Earnings: $2.5B

Tiger Woods, an iconic American golfer, made an enduring impact on golf, boasting a career filled with remarkable achievements and milestones. His historic victories and lasting sponsorships contribute to his status among the highest-paid athletes of all time. Let’s explore key aspects of his illustrious career.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Tiger Woods’ journey in professional golf is marked by groundbreaking achievements. In 1997, at just 21, he became the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament, followed by the youngest to achieve a career Grand Slam at 24 in 2000. Woods further solidified his legacy by securing four consecutive Masters Tournament victories in 2001-2002 and again in 2019-2020. Tied with Jack Nicklaus, he boasts 15 PGA Tour major championships.

The pinnacle of Woods’ career was the “Tiger Slam” in 2001, where he won four consecutive major titles, albeit not in the same calendar year. Despite a dominant period in 2001-2002, his career later faced a notable slump. With five Masters Tournament wins at Augusta National Golf Club, he stands second only to Jack Nicklaus. Woods’ journey is a testament to his unparalleled skill and enduring impact on professional golf, showcasing both highs and lows in the unpredictable world of sports.

Current Activities and Projects

Despite physical challenges, Tiger Woods remains a dynamic force in golf, actively competing in professional tournaments to add to his illustrious career. Beyond the fairway, he globally contributes to golf course design and champions philanthropy through the Tiger Woods Foundation, supporting underserved youth with education and sports programs. Woods’ enduring dedication to golf and impactful philanthropy cements his legacy as a legendary golfer and an inspirational role model for generations.

Major Sponsors and Deals

Tiger Woods’ influence reaches beyond the golf course, evident in his longstanding affiliations with major sponsors. Nike, his primary sponsor since 1996, supplies him with apparel, footwear, and equipment. Titleist has sponsored his golf equipment, including balls, clubs, and accessories, since 1997. Bridgestone has been his golf ball sponsor since 2007, while Rolex has been his watch sponsor since 2011. These partnerships not only underscore his golfing supremacy but also play a pivotal role in solidifying Woods’ status as one of the world’s highest-paid athletes.

3. Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer
  • Sport: Golf
  • Country: USA
  • Earnings: $1.7B

Arnold Palmer, an American professional golfer, is widely regarded as one of the highest paid athletes of all time and one of the most influential figures in the sport’s history. Born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on September 10, 1929, Palmer dominated the golfing scene during the 1950s and 1960s, captivating audiences with his charismatic personality and aggressive playing style.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Arnold Palmer, a golf legend, left an indelible mark on the sport and sports marketing. His illustrious career spanned from the 1958 Masters to the 1964 Masters, during which he secured seven major titles. In 1998, the PGA Tour honored him with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 1974, he became one of the inaugural inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Palmer’s legacy includes being the first to win the Masters Tournament four times, pioneering golfers’ earnings by becoming the first to reach $1 million and contributing significantly to the Ryder Cup as both player and captain. His influence extended to senior golfers with the establishment of the PGA Tour Champions.

Major Sponsors and Deals

Palmer revolutionized sports marketing by leveraging his fame to build a business empire. Aligning his name with various products and services, he became a trailblazer in athlete endorsements. United Airlines, Cadillac cars, Rolex watches, Hertz car rental, Pennzoil engine fluid, Callaway golfing products, and E-Z-Go golf carts all bore the Palmer brand. Founding Arnold Palmer Enterprises, he managed his endorsements and ventures, marking the debut client of Mark McCormack, founder of IMG. Within two years, his endorsement earnings skyrocketed from $6,000 to over $500,000 annually.

Current Activities and Projects

Arnold Palmer, who passed away in 2016, left a lasting legacy. The annual Arnold Palmer Invitational at his Bay Hill, Florida golf resort is a prominent tournament. Palmer designed nearly 300 global golf courses and was a philanthropist, founding medical facilities in Orlando and supporting education through scholarships and collegiate golf competitions. In 2023, his estate is valued at $875 million, cementing his status among the wealthiest athletes in history.

4. Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus
  • Sport: Golf
  • Country: USA
  • Earnings: $1.63B

Jack William Nicklaus, born January 21, 1940, is an American former professional golfer who is widely regarded as one of the highest paid athletes of all time. He has won 18 major championships, a record that stood for 45 years until Tiger Woods tied it in 2019. Nicklaus also holds the record for most PGA Tour victories (73) and most weeks at number one in the Official World Golf Ranking (683).

Career Highlights and Achievements

Jack Nicklaus, born in 1940, stands as a golf legend with an unmatched legacy. His illustrious career boasts an unparalleled record of 18 major championships, a feat that remained untouched for 45 years until Tiger Woods equaled it in 2019. Nicklaus, a three-time career Grand Slam achiever, holds the record for 73 PGA Tour victories, placing him third on the all-time list. Recognized as the PGA TOUR Player of the Year five times, his impact transcends victories, leading to his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Beyond accolades, Nicklaus received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2015, cementing his status as a golf icon.

Major Sponsors and Deals

Nicklaus seamlessly transitioned from golf greatness to a business mogul, forming lucrative partnerships with major sponsors. Notable collaborations include MacGregor Golf, Rolex, Cadillac, and Arizona Beverages. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through Nicklaus Design, a global force in golf course design with nearly 300 courses in 41 countries. In 2007, he sold rights to his name, image, and likeness for $145 million, leading to a 2023 legal battle with Nicklaus Companies for breach of contract, ending unfavorably.

Current Activities and Projects

Jack Nicklaus, not retired, partners with Justin Thomas on Panther National, a luxury golf community in Palm Beach that will open in late 2023. A philanthropist, Nicklaus donated $60 million to Miami Children’s Health System in 2015, emphasizing his enduring impact on children’s health and education. As Masters Tournament honorary starter and CBS Sports commentator, he sustains golf’s allure. Nicklaus’ global journey showcases his sporting prowess, business acumen, and unwavering commitment to positive impact.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Sport: Football
  • Country: Portugal
  • Earnings: $1.58B

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely regarded as one of the highest paid athletes of all time. He has won numerous individual and team awards, including five Ballon d’Or awards, five UEFA Champions League titles, and seven league titles in three different countries. He is also the all-time leading scorer for Portugal and Real Madrid.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Ronaldo’s journey in football is studded with remarkable achievements. With 34 senior trophies to his name, including seven league titles and six Champions League titles, he has consistently showcased his prowess on both domestic and international fronts. Notably, he holds the record for the most goals and assists in the Champions League and the record for most international goals and appearances for a European national team. His five Ballon d’Or awards and four European Golden Shoes further solidify his status as one of the game’s all-time greats, with a total of 863 senior career goals.

Major Sponsors and Deals

Beyond the football pitch, Ronaldo has cultivated a powerful brand. Nike, with whom he signed a lifetime contract in 2016, remains a steadfast partner. His endorsement portfolio extends to various global brands, including Herbalife, DAZN, Clear, MTG, Altice Portugal, Garena Free Fire, American Tourister, LiveScore, TAG Heuer, and Louis Vuitton. The CR7 brand, featuring clothing, footwear, underwear, fragrances, and hotels, has become a testament to his entrepreneurial success. Renowned as one of the world’s most marketable athletes, he generates approximately $45 million annually through advertising revenues.

Current Activities and Projects

In January 2023, Ronaldo embarked on a new chapter with Al-Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia, leaving behind Juventus FC. His impact has been immediate, contributing 29 goals in 35 appearances, leading Al-Nassr to victory in the Saudi Pro League and the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League. Simultaneously, Ronaldo has continued to be a pivotal figure for the Portugal national team, guiding them through the qualification stages for the 2024 FIFA World Cup.


We have seen the top highest paid athletes of all time. who have amassed incredible wealth and fame through their sports careers and beyond. They have set new standards of excellence and innovation in their fields and inspired millions of fans around the world. It has also been involved in various business and charitable ventures, using its influence and resources to make a positive impact. They are truly legends of their sports and icons of their generations. Also, let us know who is your favorite athlete on the list and why. What other athletes do you think, deserve to be on the top 5 list of highest paid athletes of all time?

Tejas Tahmankar

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