Healthcare’s Essential Storm Digital Convergence

Healthcare’s Essential Storm: Digital Convergence

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During the last decade, technology in the healthcare system has been fast moving. Initially, the primary focus of technology in the healthcare sector was more on improving the efficiency and productivity, while now it has been shifted in improving the access and thereby reaching out to more number of people in order to provide quality care. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) has a major role to play in the healthcare space.

Nowadays, many people are locating EMR, e-prescriptions, and virtual consultants, clinical analytic tools and out coming tracking tools resulting in more accumulation and gathering of data. This will, in turn, prove to be beneficial in transforming the healthcare industry and also aid in reducing its burden. Since the technology assist in the collection of data of a particular patient over a certain duration, it tends to deliver more personalized and appropriate care. It also aids to come up with demographic and clinical analysis.

There is tremendous potential of digital health technology in terms of transformation. However, this transformation is not the real challenge. It is the absence of outcomes-defined, end-to-end strategies that have ultimately led to assume that digital transformation is simply a matter of EHR adoption and maturity—and that it refers to the digitization of clinical records systems.

The real challenge is, however digital convergence—which is brewing up like a perfect storm of integration pressures that now exist in everything, right from network and security to patient engagement and data analytics. Digital picture has covered every part of the healthcare enterprise, and is responsible for making users busy in figuring out how to connect and integrate that ecosystem of emerging digital capabilities.

Healthcare systems are on a look out for digital solutions along with innovative strategies which will enable them to prioritize their business outcomes. Following mentioned is a list of such outcomes.

  1. Secure healthcare information: It becomes necessary to safeguard the health information and critical organizational data, both in transit and at rest, in order to support regulatory compliance.
  2. Engagement of patient drive: Installation of  mobile solutions would prove to be helpful in engaging patients in their care programs to support and improve health outcomes.
  3. Transferring individualized experiences: New business models and digital technologies should be adopted in order to offer meaningful and personalized experiences for all users (patients/guests/clinicians/customers).
  4. Streamlining operations: Infrastructure transformation, virtual communications and enabling mobile workforce are required for controlling costs and improving health care access.
  5. Transformation of data into information: Anchoring the right analytics to unlock the potential, promising health data and delivering that information to the point of care is needed.

Earlier, many healthcare organizations could survive without the solid marketing and business development strategies, however, the evolution of the digital age has now made planning cycle to be mandatory.

The current digital world has become very demanding in terms of engagement and visualization. In order to establish successful medical marketing, high web traffic and increase in patient numbers is required. More focus has been shifted on new technologies and techniques that allows the users to better engage with referrers and patients, and that facilitate a more personalized service experience.

Following key strategies should be employed for a rewarding medical practice.

  1. Video messaging

The use of video messaging in the marketing plans plays a crucial role in amplifying the perception, rank and success rates. Due to the demanding nature of the digital technology, video messaging has become a powerful means to deliver information in a rapid and most effective personalized format to the target audience.

Research conducted on the traffic generated from videos, makes it one of the most leading generation strategies.

  1. Large number of audience relies on brand awareness as well as lead generation which is promoted by video messaging.
  2. Use of video is directly proportional to approximately 64% of business sales.
  3. Also video ads are referred more than text ads on cell phones
  1. Individual Experiences & opinions

Consumers are known to rely on their individual experiences and opinions. In the day and age of digital marketing, patients request for information related to treatment, signs &   symptoms, latest medical reports, outcomes. This experience can be shared on social media platforms through blogs, articles, headlines and tweets. Hence, we observe a tremendous boost in the digital marketing world of technology where consumers can obtain data on a single click.

  • Accessibility & utilization of social networking platforms 

Currently, many social media tools are available which are designed especially for healthcare professionals, including social networking platforms, blogs, microblogging sites, and virtual reality. For these healthcare professionals, messaging platforms can increase the communication between a patient and their doctors. These apps, for example, can be used to:

  • Deliver of rapid answers to questions related to availability of doctors, their appointments, billing services, treatment charges, availability of laboratory services and its charges.
  • The doctors and patients can stay in touch during course of treatment or surgery.
  • Caregivers and family members can be given appropriate suggestions and pointers in taking care of their patient.
  • Due to the introduction of Whatsapp and other easily accessible apps, doctors and their patients can stay connected through e-groups and updates their current conditions in the groups.

Therefore, introduction of high end technology in health care services is proving to be beneficial to both the healthcare professionals, patients and their respective caregivers. This evolution is a rather a boon to mankind. The only requirement for using the digital services is basic knowledge about the know how of computers and mobile phones.



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