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Exploring the Benefits of Harver Assessments in Modern Recruitment

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To make better hiring choices, companies are now integrating external pre-employment evaluation tools in their recruitment strategies. Harver Assessments are among the very few that have been gaining traction, thanks to its many years of data- and technology-driven assistance to over 1,300 customers. This innovative hiring solution is designed to make the recruitment process more efficient and effective, as well as boost satisfaction for both employers and applicants. If your organization needs to revamp its hiring practices or you’re a job seeker aiming to start strong and stand out in the cutthroat job market, you must certainly start getting acquainted with Harver Assessments today.

What Exactly are Harver Assessments?

What Exactly are Harver Assessments

Harver Assessments is a set of pre-employment testing tools that include various types of tests and evaluations, such as personality questionnaires, situational judgment tests, and skill-based exams, among others. Each assessment, including the HEXACO personality test, is designed to measure different aspects of an applicant’s abilities, personality, and suitability for a specific job role and team dynamics.

Through this recruitment toolkit, companies can get their hands on real data that reveals a candidate’s ability to perform in the job they’re applying for, as well as their potential to integrate well into the team and company culture. Why evaluate beyond one’s knowledge and skills? Because your ability to easily collaborate with others, perhaps with a team, across multiple teams, or with clients, is just as important as doing the job itself.

Okay, but what sets Harver Assessments apart from other pre-employment tests? There’s plenty (and you’ll get to know more of them as you read on), but their reliable use of data-driven algorithms and artificial intelligence to predict job performance is arguably one of the top reasons why the client list of Harver is as long and as prestigious as it is. This test publisher utilizes these advanced technologies, along with findings from industrial-organizational psychology, to provide a highly accurate and efficient assessment process.

How to Prepare for Harver Assessments?

If you’re a job seeker, preparing for Harver Assessments helps you showcase your best abilities and stand out from the competition. Even if the company you’re applying to doesn’t use them, the prep is still to your advantage as it helps develop valuable skills, improves general test-taking abilities, boosts confidence, and provides versatile preparation for other assessments.

How to Prepare for Harver Assessments

Start by familiarizing yourself with the types of questions and the format of the assessments, then practice using tests that mirror the actual Harver Assessments. Also sharpen the skills and competencies for the position you are applying for, as they are sure to be evaluated.

Candidates can find sample tests online or get a hold of a preparation book. However, for a more thorough targeted preparation, consider using Harver Assessments package from Assessment-Training.com. With materials closely matching the format and content of the actual Harver tests, you’ll be provided access right away, so you can immediately start practicing on any device (computer, phone, or tablet) of your choice. Included in the purchase is  the free use of their Personal Progression Tracking System, which allows you to keep an eye on your progress and compare your performance against your reference group.

Benefits of Using Harver Assessments

Improved Matching of Candidates to Job Roles

The primary purpose of Harver Assessments is to massively improve a company’s hiring success rate. It’s not just about boosting the number of hires but also making sure that the candidates are indeed a great match to the job post and the team itself. This would determine whether one would perform well and/or stay and grow within the company.

Traditional hiring processes largely rely on interviews and resumes. Unfortunately, we observe that they don’t fully reveal a candidate’s suitability for a job. With Harver’s tools, hard skills, like technical abilities, and soft skills, think teamwork and communication, are both assessed. This extensive dual approach sees to it that candidates are well-suited in competencies, personality, and cultural fit.

There are various ways to evaluate a candidate’s fitness for a position. One of them is role-specific testing, an assessment tailored to the specific requirements of a job. For instance, tests for software development jobs might include coding and algorithm challenges, while sales positions may require candidates to deliver sales pitches and showcase their negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Using Harver Assessments

Enhanced Efficiency in the Recruitment Process

Increased efficiency in the recruitment process is a Harver promise. With the screening of candidates already automated, you can bid the long hours allotted just scanning resumes goodbye. These tools quickly sift through large applications to identify the most promising applicants, reducing the time HR teams spend on manual sorting and preliminary interviews.

Let’s not forget that time is money, so the reduction in time-to-hire not only speeds up the entire process but also cuts the cost of the recruitment operations. Also, vacant roles can be surprisingly costly, as they can lead to lost productivity and, consequently, lost revenue. Not to mention, current employees may feel overburdened by the increased workload.

Reduction of Bias in Hiring

No matter how minimal, recruitment bias is a challenge all companies have to overcome, and Harver assessments can help with that. The tests provide objective criteria for evaluating candidates. It doesn’t care about anyone’s esteemed alma mater or skin color. Since assessments are standardized and scored automatically, candidates can trust that their abilities and potential are evaluated fairly, and their backgrounds or other subjective factors have zero bearing on their application.

Another advantage of having an objective hiring process is that it creates a diverse candidate selection, which in turn fosters a diverse workforce. With inclusivity in their very design, Harver Assessments help companies build a pool of employees with a broader range of talents and perspectives.

Better Candidate Experience

Today’s employer-applicant relationship is far different from years before, with candidates now looking for transparent and engaging recruitment processes. Fortunately, Harver’s assessments are straightforward yet interactive, so the application process is more likely to be engaging. More importantly, applicants are certain to get a clear understanding of the skills and attributes being assessed, helping them see the fairness and relevance of the process. Even if they don’t make the cut, the positive experience often translates to a favorable perception of the company. It’s a boost in the employer’s brand, regardless.


The range of benefits offered by Harver Assessments can transform the recruitment process, making it more efficient, fair, and aligned with the company’s needs. Plus, they improve the candidate experience by reducing biases, which contributes to a more diverse and inclusive workplace. With a years-long record of improving hiring practices, Harver Assessments is undeniably a compelling choice for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s job market.

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