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Our Complete Guide to Banner Printing: Tips and Techniques

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Table of Contents

  • Our Complete Guide to Banner Printing: Tips and Techniques
  • Banner Printing Purpose
  • Types of Banner Printing
  • Banner Printing Tips and Techniques
  • Final Words

Our Complete Guide to Banner Printing: Tips and Techniques

Banner printing is a vital aspect of advertising to create large-scale awareness about events, products or services. 

However, too often, graphics designers engage in poor design creation. In addition, poor quality printing makes the banner completely unattractive to even the targeted audience. Unfortunately, the expenses incurred on a banner will be a waste except it is compelling enough to convert. 

HelloPrint gives you a complete guide with important tips and techniques for a successful banner printing experience. Ensure to digest the information in the subsequent sections of this post.

Banner Printing Purpose

Banner printing is the process of creating tangible designs in large formats for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities/events such as auctions, branding, auditions, decoration, advertising, etc. 

The main purpose of banner printing is to create awareness about an event, a product or service, or to communicate significant information to a large audience. Banners may be inanimate object, but they speak so loud. A banner can almost do anything a marketer does.

With the right design and perfect strategy, promoting your organisation’s brand, events, products, and services will eventually produce exciting results. However, it’s important to learn what it takes to design and print extraordinary banners with the ability to convert seamlessly.

Types of Banner Printing

Generally, there are different types of banner printing, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some of the common types of banner printing.

Vinyl banner printing

Vinyl banners are weatherproof banners available in both horizontal and vertical layouts. They can be used for a wide range of advertising and in different environments. They are made of durable vinyl materials and are popular for outdoor activities.

Mesh banner printing

Mesh Banner Printing is a great option for mounting banners in adverse climate environments. This is because they come with a series of tiny holes that allow for the free passage of wind, light and sound, which makes them durable.

PVC banner printing

PVC banners are long-lasting and lightweight banners that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can mostly be rolled up with ease for storage and transportation to different locations. They are cost-effective and are very impactful for promoting events and creating massive awareness.

Fabric banner printing

This type of banner printing is done with the aim of making a lasting first impression. It involves the use of materials like dyes and pigments in the form of patterns.  Fabric banners can be recycled and are resistant to scratches.

Banner Printing Tips and Techniques

Banner printing comes with specific and vital factors that you must put into thoughtful consideration and practical application. This will in turn make sure you successfully convert your efforts from the screen and also avert a lot of abnormalities and costs associated with making the wrong choice. 

Here are some effective banner printing techniques that you can implement to maximize the result of the resources you pull into your banner production.

Material selection

Choosing the right material is a good start to getting it right with your banner printing. For your banner material, 13-ounce matte white vinyl is a great choice. However, if the banner is intended for use in a windy environment, then a 9-ounce mesh vinyl is a good fit to prevent tearing and sustain the quality.

For theatrical productions, the banner material should be resistant to flames and self-extinguishing to prevent fire incidents. The material should also conform to National Fire Protection Association standards.

Bleed and safety area

Imagine the feeling of having a very captivating design on screen and getting a different output after printing. You sure don’t want to be in that state. That is why you need to pay close attention to the guidelines that your printer gives you for bleeds and safety areas. 

Making sure to follow these guidelines helps to prevent cases of having relevant information get cut off from the print version or having unwanted margins on the banners.

Finishing and hanging

If your banner is intended to be placed over poles, pole pockets finish is the right option. But if not, you should use a hem and gommet finish which allows you to tie your banner down in a stable state with less effort.

Usually, it’s important to decide the exact kind of finishing you would use for your banner even before you draw the first line on your computer. Typically, professional designers create the design first in their minds before transferring whatever they envision into reality.

Optimize printing cost

To cut down the cost involved in recurring printing (price per banner), you should take the time to calculate the number of locations you intend to place your banners. This will make your printing order based on such projections, so the printing can be done in bulk.

It’s also safe to order an extra piece along with the estimated volume in case of any unexpected need for an extra.

Conduct thorough preview before printing

Don’t be in a hurry to give a go ahead for printing to commence without thoroughly checking the electronic version of the banner. 

You need to conduct a thorough check to make sure that everything is in order with the texts, images and color. Due to the size and cost implications, a sample copy may not be easy to print; so the best time to check for mistakes and correct them is before they are sent for printing.

Final Words

Banner Printing can be a tumultuous experience if you don’t have a proper knowledge of the types of banner printing and you fail to apply the right techniques. So, spare yourself the stress and follow the complete guide to banner printing provided here for the best results.

Whether you’re designing and printing a small or giant size banner, it doesn’t matter. Ensure to pay close attention to all the points that have been unveiled above in this article. 

Irrespective of your current design skill or ability, the tips and techniques shared in this post have the potential to transform your design output. All you need to do is identifying the recommendations from any striking part and implement as soon as possible.

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