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Waving Hello to Success: Elevating Your Brand with HelloPrint Flag Printing

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In addition to using conventional paper and banner marketing materials, incorporating flags can raise the bar of your organization’s advertising strategies. However, a professionally designed flag with excellent printing quality are two major factors you must not negotiate.

Elevating your brand with HelloPrint custom flag printing can be the turning point in the degree of impact your brand makes in the minds of your potential customers. Let’s consider a few important flag design and printing tips below.

Types of Advertising Flags

Whatever you intend to advertise, there are different types or styles of promotional flags you can use. Some of the common advertising flags include the following:

Feather flags

As the name implies, feather flags appear like a feather. They’re designed with a pole attached on one side. The flag is usually straight on the side that is not attached to the pole; then, it has a curvy top and slant (sloppy) curve at the bottom.

Feather flags are quite wide enough to convey your brand’s message as bold as possible to your potential customers anywhere you place them.

Tear drop flags

Again, as the name implies, tear drop flags are shaped to appear like large droplet of water or teardrop. They come with a pole that bends from top-down, which creates a unique rounded shape.

Also, one side of the flag is attached to the pole and the flag takes the curvy shape of the pole, while the other side that is not attached to the pole is slant from top-down to touch the pole at the bottom. This is the ideal flag for you if you want something firm that doesn’t fly along with the wind.

Edge flags

Edge flags come with rectangular shapes, longer vertical edges, plus shorter horizontal edges. They’re naturally simple with a wide space to convey your brand’s message with bold fonts.

Edge flags appear like regular standing banners. It features a pole on one side of the flag and a firm horizontal bar at the top. This form helps to hold it static as it displays your ad write-up. 

Straight flags

Straight flags feature a pole that curves along the top area with the flag attached to it on one side. The side of the flag attached to the pole takes the form of the curve at the top. 

Meanwhile, the other side of the flag that is not attached to the pole stretches from top-down with an horizontal bottom that connects back to the pole. Straight flags also come with some space that can boldly display your brand’s message confidently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flag

Not all flags are suitable for any kind of advert or marketing. Hence, it is important to consider the following factors when choosing a perfect flag for your advertising/marketing.

Your brand’s concept

One of the foremost factors you need to consider before opting for a specific style of flag is your brand’s concept. Is your brand classic and simple or creative and loud? For the former, edge and straight flags can be perfect to drive your brand’s message home.

Meanwhile, the latter will require a sleek, sophisticated feather or teardrop shape flag. Whatever your brand’s concept is, take a moment to select the perfect flag that suits your need.

Space over style

Do you prefer style over space or vice versa? If you decide to choose a creative flag with curves, you may not have enough space to convey the message you intend to communicate with your prospects.

Otherwise, if you prioritize your message over some sleek, curvy design, then a simpler flag might just be what you need.

Intended event

Another vital factor to consider is the event you’re planning to use the flag for. If you’re organizing a music concert or fashion show, sophisticated and creative flags with all kinds of curves will turn the atmosphere around.

However, if your plan is to organize a business seminar or conference, then you might just need to go for a simpler and calmer flag style.

Proposed location

Lastly, location also matters when selecting a promotional/marketing flag. While some flags can stay firm outdoor regardless of the level of the wind outside, others may just continue twisting without allowing a moment for people to see what is written on them.

So, you may want to go with teardrop flags if you plan to mount your flag outdoor. Meanwhile, edge or straight flag can be okay for indoor events. Whatever the case may be, just take your time to choose what’s best for you.

What Makes a Quality Advertising Flag?

Visibility and durability are two significant factors that determine a quality advertising flag. Since the goal is to display your brand’s message, products, or services to prospects, you will need to maintain a good size with legible write-up and top-notch design. 

Don’t forget to use bright colors and contrasting fonts that give clarity to your message. In addition, quality printing with sharp, sleek, and sophisticated output is the final phase of your amazing advertising flag. 

A poor printing quality may end up defeating the purpose of your promotional flags; hence, you must keep this in front of your mind.

Final Words

A promotional flag says a lot about an organization or a brand. It spells out its concept, values, and establishes an impression about the organization in the minds of prospects. Therefore, you must take ample time to design your organization’s advertising flags.

Leverage professional designers who can do justice to whatever ideas you have in mind to transform your promotional flags. While you focus on ideation, allow the professionals to handle your business flag printing with extraordinary quality output.

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