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Grove Collaborative Launches Next-Generation Laundry Line

Grove Collaborative

innovation to reduce waste

Grove Collaborative announced the launch of its new
Laundry range. Products include a reusable glass dispenser and ultra-concentrated
line of detergents that offer environmentally conscious cleaning power in a
sustainable and beautiful new format.

As a Certified B Corporation, Grove Collaborative is
recognized as a business doing good for the environment. The detergents found
in Grove Laundry are 96 percent biobased with ingredients naturally derived
from plants, including four enzymes that can take on any stain and provide the
same or better cleaning power as competing leading conventional & natural
laundry brands. The Rosemary & Lavender and Citrus & Woods scents are
essential oil based and 100 percent naturally derived from plants flowers and
herbs; the line also offers a Free & Clear unscented option.


With the launch of its laundry line, the company
seeks to alleviate harsh ingredients, bulky wasteful packaging, and sticky
dribbles of detergent on nearby surfaces from the typical laundry routine.
Featuring formulas made with natural enzymes – free of synthetic dyes,
fragrance or brighteners – Grove’s ultra-concentrated liquid detergents employ
immense cleaning power to tackle all kinds of stains, even when used at lower
wash temperatures. A beautiful glass dispenser features a patent pending
auto-dosing mechanism that aids detergent pours, allotting the exact amount of
soap needed every time, eliminating the mess and waste. Its reusable glass
vessel & recyclable detergent pouch system fosters 80 percent less waste
than single-use plastic laundry bottles and equates to $0.30 per load with 33
loads per 24 oz. pouch.

Landesberg, co-founder & CEO of Grove Collaborative

said, “At Grove, we’re focusing on helping all families create a home that reflects
the best of them.  For laundry, that
means natural formulations that really work and are safe for your family and a
packaging system that uses significantly less plastic. We’re excited to share a
product that can both improve the laundry routine and reduce its environmental