Gregorys coffee partners with Ritual

Gregorys coffee partners with Ritual for Coffee Delivery

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Partners to Enable Peer-to-Peer Coffee Delivery

Ritual provides restaurants with turnkey mobile ordering technology, giving customers a convenient solution to discover, order and pick up their coffee and lunch. Over 100,000 teams globally already leverage Ritual’s social group ordering feature, ‘Piggyback,’ which connects workplace teams and allows them to collaborate on coffee and food orders creating a peer-to-peer delivery network. In return, restaurants like Gregorys are able to leverage existing customers to effectively act as delivery persons for these orders, removing delivery costs for customers and the business, all while increasing order size by up to 4x.

Peer-to-peer coffee delivery

Additionally, Ritual’s ‘Auto Place’ feature uses location-based data to automatically place an order once customers are close enough to the restaurant. With traditional delivery, customers may receive their coffee or latte twenty minutes after it was made, significantly degrading the quality.

To kick off the partnership, customers can enjoy popular coffees from Gregorys Coffee for just $1 every day until April 30th when you use Ritual’s Piggyback feature. Save on your favorite latte, cappuccino, Nu Brew Hotshot and more! Plus, you’ll earn points with every purchase through Ritual’s loyalty program which you can redeem for free food and drinks. Unlock the power of social ordering using the Ritual app. Offer to pick up for a coworker, or jump on order and receive your order right to your desk using team powered delivery.

Ray Reddy, Co-Founder, and CEO of Ritual stated, “We often hear from coffee establishments that their customers want the convenience of delivery, but have found that delivery fees and product quality have been a major barrier. Our Piggyback feature has been the perfect solution to this problem. We are productizing the coffee run by offering a service with no delivery fees where the product gets to consumers in minutes while staying fresh.”



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