Google received 2.4 million URL delisting requests under EU ‘right to be forgotten’ laws, only 43% has been done

Google received 2.4 million URL delisting requests under EU ‘right to be forgotten’ laws, only 43% has been done

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Google had been complying with the European Union’s for “right to be forgotten” laws, which the European Court of Justice first rule applied to search engines in 2014, for three years. The search engine giant released an updated version of its annual Transparency Report. This report gives insights about number and types of requests Google has received to delist pages from its results and in how many instances the company complied with them.

The ‘Right to be forgotten’ law will allow Europeans to remove information about themselves from the Google search results. The search engine would have to review whether the information is right or not and whether the public interest remains in it or not.

‘Right to be forgotten’ reports

To expand the scope of transparency reporting about the “right to be forgotten,” Google has initiated some manual approaches to their operations. Following are a few of them:

Requesters:  Google search engine will breakdown  the requests made by private individuals vs. non-private individuals—e.g., government officials or corporate entities.

The Content of the request: Google will classify the content that the individual has asked them to delist into a set of categories: personal information, professional information, crime, and name not found, meaning that they couldn’t  able to find the individual’s name on the page.

The Content of the site: When Google will evaluate a URL for potential delisting, they will classify the website that hosts the page as a directory site, news site, social media, or other.

The Content delisting rate: This is the rate at which Google will be delisting the content by category on a quarterly basis.



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