Google acquires Internet of Things service Xively from LogMeInfor $50 Million

Google acquires Internet of Things service Xively from LogMeInfor $50 Million

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Google announced that it’s buying Xively, IoT platform owned by LogMein for $50 million.

Xively provides cloud-based IoT service to third parties, seeking to make connected devices or turn existence device into IoT service. Xively is a division of LogMein, which provides software-as-a-service and cloud-based remote connectivity.

LogMeIn wrote “So the obvious question is, does this mean LogMeIn is exiting the IoT? Well, if you mean the IoT connectivity platform space, yes, we’re leaving it. We believe that Google Cloud, now armed with Xively’s team and great technology  and backed by their platform and developer heritage and reach – are a far better fit for the future of platform leadership.”

Google boost cloud IoT service

Google said that this acquisition will complement Google Cloud’s effort to provide a fully managed IoT service that easily and securely connects, manages, and ingests data from globally dispersed devices. With the addition of Xively’s robust, enterprise-ready IoT platform, they can accelerate their customers’ timeline from IoT vision to product, as they look to build their connected business.

This acquisition will specially boost the Google Cloud IoT service, the smart home and a broader universe product. The amount of data Xively provides to supported devices will help the Google to go beyond the border. Google is going to use that data in multiple ways, it will gain insights into how millions of consumers interact with products, inside and potentially outside the home.

Google wants that by 2020, it can create a own eco-system of  IoT with huge no or connection.



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