Car-pooling company SPLT Acquired by Robert Bosch

Car-pooling company SPLT Acquired by Robert Bosch

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Robert Bosch acquired a start-up rideshare company SPLT

SPLT basically offer employers, universities and municipal authorities workforce-focused ridesharing services to help them offer shared commute as a means of increasing convenience.

Bosch is a German automotive components manufacture company, which supplies a large number of automotive components to various automobile vendors. It also manufactures household items and security systems.

An engineering and electronic manufacturer, Bosch also provides E-Scooters on rent, which was started in 2016 in Berlin.

Everyone wants a connectivity puzzle when it comes to the future of automotive. Transportation and mobility services are a good way to get together.

Smart move by the Bosch Company to acquire a transport mobility service company SPLT. This will help the Bosch to expand its transportation service.



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