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GKN Automotive teams up with Delta Electronics Inc.

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Accelerating Integrated 3-in-1 eDrive System

Recently, GKN automotive announced its collaboration with Delta Electronics Inc. GKN is the world’s leading suppliers of all-wheel drive, electric drive and driveline technology and systems. Whereas, Delta Electronic Inc. is a world class provider of power and thermal management solutions. The collaboration seeks rapid acceleration of next generation integrated 3-in-1 eDrive systems of power classes from 80 kW to 155 kW.

The inverters supplied by Delta electronics Inc. will be integrated with GKN Automotive’s eMotor and gearbox systems in a 3-in-1 solution by the joint development of advanced eDrive technology. Both the companies aim to reduce system weight and packaging volume. They also focus on easier and better quality component installations by simplifying OEM assembly processes. The technical capabilities of both the companies will be increased by this collaboration.

Covering a Large Proportion of Future eDrive Market

Two new integrated eDrive families for application across different torque classes for next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles will be developed by this collaboration. The new 3-in-1 drive will be available for start of production in a multitude of vehicle types within few years. Cars ranging from A segment city cars to D segment executive cars and SUVs will be covered by this solution. It will support a range of torque outputs from 2000 Nm to 3800 Nm, with nominal power outputs between 80 kW to 150 kW. A large proportion of the future eDrive market which is projected to be worth more than GBP 12 billion by 2030 will be covered by these solutions.

Collaboration to Benefit Both the Companies

“The eDrive market continues to accelerate as manufacturers are required to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations demanding technological progression and speed. Our collaboration with Delta represents a significant milestone in the expansion of our portfolio of scalable, integrated 3-in-1 eDrive solutions and our capabilities in rapidly bringing new cost competitive technologies to market,” said Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN Automotive. “Delta is dedicated to enabling low carbon green transportation by providing EV powertrain solutions and power electronics products. We are pleased to work with the leading company GKN Automotive to produce integrated eDrive units for the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles,” said Simon Chang, COO of Delta Electronics Inc.



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