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Where do Giant Business-heads Stand on the Ladder of Climate Promises?

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Presently, climate crisis has become a grave concern than before. For the past few years, activists and environmentalists have been parading through streets to aware people of the impending doom. While the common public is relying on large organizations and major brands for eco-upliftment hope, it turns out that several B-heads do not stand on the same square as we do. 

Samsung’s Green Initiative

Recently, Samsung announced a range of new Galaxy smartphones manufactured with the use of recycled materials, like repurposed fishing nets and used water bottles, in the manufacturing of these products. Its ‘Galaxy for the Planet’ is a five-year plan to eliminate plastics in packaging and stop manufacturing waste going to landfills. This green initiative was heartily welcomed by experts. 

While some firms are adhering to their ambitious environmental headlines, others have failed to keep up with their climate-friendly promises. 

The Grass is NOT greener on the other side!

Released in 2019, a report released held 100 companies accountable and responsible for 71% of greenhouse emissions! Surprisingly, a recent report revealed that 25 companies including giant B-players Amazon, Google and Apple are ‘not doing enough to meet their own pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change’. 

A few days back, the New Climate Institute released its report titled ‘ Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor’. According to the report, it was revealed that 25 big companies’ emissions targets fall well short of the ambition required to align with the internationally agreed goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid the most damaging effects of climate change. Lead author of the study Thomas Day remarked: “We were frankly surprised and disappointed at the overall integrity of the companies’ claims.

While some companies like Maersk, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom complied by their climate promises, big brands like Nestle, Unilever and CVS Health along with the big tech giants are yet to do so. For three of the world’s biggest tech giants, the report stated that the companies still had work to do if they were to live up to their climate change promises and avoid further accusations of greenwashing, a term used by environmentalists to criticize organizations that are more talk than action when it comes to cutting emissions. 

High Time for Corporate Honesty and Climate Change

Giant business brands occupy a major space and stake within the market space. Their vast stake can be useful in our fight with the complicating climate change. In a nutshell, climate change implications won’t reduce until and unless giant corporations’ step forward and do their needful corporate responsibilities. Their outsized influence and power in today’s world make them ideal environmental leaders. Since some of these big entities are responsible for putting us in the threshold of the crisis today, it is time for them to take full responsibility for their climate footprints. 

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