For smart City infrastructure and data solutions Samsung SDS partner with Telensa

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Smart city projects and retain control of their urban data assets

Telensa, leader in intelligent street lighting and intelligent city data, and Samsung SDS, the Samsung digital arm, have announced that they are working together on intelligent urban development projects. They are collaborating with Telensa as the world’s market leader, with over 1.7 m lighting deployed, and with the Urban Data Project, a cloud platform that creates a trustworthy urban data infrastructure that enables the city’s data to be collected, protected and used for the benefit of all citizens. The first project will be in city projects across Asia Pacific and the United States in Korea, with larger deployments.

IoT sensors and data trust platform

The initial area of collaboration is smart street lighting, where Telensa is the world market share leader. By combining the Telensa PLANet streetlight control application with Samsung SDS Brightics IoT platform, cities will be able to enjoy energy savings and can access a vast ecosystem of sensor applications.

Samsung SDS will provide its Brightics IoT, a powerful data collecting platform specialized in retrieving and analysing big data, powered by AI. B Telensa will also leverage Samsung SDS’s deep expertise in other areas such as 5G technology and blockchain, which require streetlight access for ubiquitous deployment.

Samsung SDS will also be working with Telensa on the Urban Data Project, a collaborative solution that creates a trust infrastructure for urban data, one that enables cities to collect, protect and use their data for the benefit of all citizens. This collaboration will involve integrating Brightics IoT with Telensa’s City Data Guardian, part of its wider Urban Data Project.

Sean Im, Senior Vice President of Solution Business Division at Samsung SDS, said: “We are delighted to be working with Telensa to enable cities to harness and protect their urban data assets on behalf of their citizens. Brightics IoT will provide effective data collection and analytics, which will lead to improved quality of life for citizens. By combining the capabilities of both companies, Samsung SDS plans to further explore new possibilities to adopt the latest information technologies including AI and blockchain.”



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