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Five Tools Every Video Content Creator Must Have

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The right tools can help every video content creator – from first-timers to old hands – generate consistently scroll-stopping content that looks great and engages audiences. The best solutions are easy to use, affordable, and versatile, and each of the options on this list adheres to these criteria. 

So whether you want to ensure your lighting is always perfect, are looking for background music without getting into a tangle with copyright, or need to ensure that your social media posting schedule stays on track, we’ve got you covered.

Ring Light: For Video-Ready Lighting at All Times of Day

Setting up a ring light tripod combo is an easy way to get great lighting indoors, whatever time of day it is. As well as providing a flattering glow, this rig means you can film hands-free for greater versatility and better engagement with your audience. 

Ring lights were originally developed for the beauty industry, but they’re now widely used by video content creators to limit glare, evenly distribute light, eliminate harsh shadows, and provide amazing, natural-looking, close-up lighting. They’re circular in shape (as the name suggests), come in a variety of sizes, and many even have options to alter the coolness or warmth of the shoot to create a variety of moods and tones.

Digital Music Library: For the Perfect Ambiance

Having access to the right music for their video content is an absolute must for any serious content creator. Signing up for a platform that offers a library of royalty-free tracks is a great way of avoiding getting into hot water regarding music licensing issues. Once you’ve chosen a platform, simply browse through a vast selection of tracks in every genre imaginable to pick the perfect background sound for your creation.

Pro tip? When adding music to your video, make the most of cross-fading and cross-over tools to seamlessly integrate and transition tracks or other audio elements for the most pleasing listening experience.

Video Editing Tool: For Easily Creating Polished Videos 

Choose a digital graphic design tool to help you create and edit awesome video content that always hits the mark. These solutions may be especially handy for those who are new to creating videos, as most require no previous design experience and incorporate drag-and-drop editors to make things even easier.

Look for an editing platform that takes you seamlessly through every stage of the content creation process, and that features a range of customizable templates and tools to help you upload, organize, and edit your work. The facility to quickly and easily add animation, titles, special effects, and other visual elements to your video content is also a huge advantage of a digital editing solution.

Smartphone Camera Lens Kit: For Amazing Visual Effects

These handy kits allow you to get a range of shoot effects from your smartphone, from macro views to kaleidoscope to fish-eye perspectives, along with a range of tints, so you can achieve the tone and mood you want near-instantly. A camera lens kit is a super affordable way to uplevel your video creations and achieve some impressive effects, even when on the fly.

When choosing a kit, consider an option that offers multi-coated lenses that allow more light to pass through them, improve light transmission, and reduce glare for brighter colors and better overall visual clarity.

Social Media Scheduling Tools: For Never Missing an Opportunity

As a content creator, making attractive, engaging videos is just the beginning! Getting these videos posted and seen on social media sites is the next crucial stage of the process. This is where a social media content and scheduling tool comes into the mix.

Scheduling software allows you to plan out your content for the weeks and months to come, and auto-scheduling can be set so there’s no risk of an oversight when it comes to posting. As an added benefit, many social media scheduling solutions incorporate handy analytical tools so you can see exactly how well each post or campaign has performed across a range of platforms and according to a variety of outcomes.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re new to video content creation or have been in the game for a while, making the most of some key tools and platforms can uplevel your videos. By giving you access to the features and effects you need to consistently generate compelling content, the five solutions detailed above will help you better connect with your audience, build your brand, and keep those followers, likes, and share counts increasing.



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