first Private Space Crew

Meet the first Private Space Crew to travel Space Station

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Axiom Space, a Houston based start-up company has made an announcement on 26th January about their plan to send the first private crew to the International Space Station (ISS) somewhere in the year 2022. The Mission has been named as AX-1, and will make use of SpaceX Dragon Capsule.


Crew that will lead the AX-1 Mission 

first Private Space Crew

  • Michael Lopez-Alegria as the Commander- A former NASA astronaut who is currently working as the Vice President at Axiom Space.
  • Larry Connor as the Pilot- Connor is an American entrepreneur & non-profit activist investor. Conner who is 70-year-old will become the second-oldest person to fly in space, after John Glenn in1998 at the age of 77. 
  • Mark Pathy & Eytan Stibbe as mission specialists- Mark & Eytan both are investors & philanthropist.
  •  Peggy Whiston as Ax-1’s backup Commander (former NASA astronaut).
  • John Shoffner as the backup pilot.

3 Private Passengers traveling to ISS

Along with 6 officials that will lead the AX-1 mission, 3 people have also been selected to travel the International Space Station in SpaceX. These three private astronauts will have to pass medical test and have to go through a 15-week training program. The crew will spend 8 days at the International Space station, and it will further take one or two days to aboard the SpaceX Dragon Capsule, Axiom Space President & CEO Suffredini said.

What Price Private Crew is paying for this Travel?

The International Space Station is more than 400 km from the Earth. Three selected people who will get to aboard SpaceX Dragon Capsule for this mission are paying $55 million each.

Future Plans of Axiom Space 

Axiom Space said that they are working with NASA to finalize an agreement to permit private astronaut missions in the future. Axiom Space is aiming to arrange at least two such missions every year.

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