5 Features That an Employee Portal Must Have

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Employee portals have become quite popular in the past few years because of how they connect everyone in an organization or company under a single platform. An employee portal makes it so much easier to improve employee engagement and organize the workflow in an organization.

If you are looking to integrate an employee portal in your company or organization, there are a few essential features that it must have and you should know about. Below we have mentioned 5 essential features that an employee portal must have for optimum functioning.

1. Document Management

It has become quite evident at this point that most businesses are making the transition toward paperless offices. More and more companies are working on digital documents instead of paper documents. It won’t be long enough when paperless offices will take over workplaces worldwide. Therefore, it is important to have document management in the employee portal.

Document management in the employee portal should not only render the documents safe but also make it easier to share the document, collaborate on the document, and track the document. It is an essential feature that you must add to your employee portal, as most popular employee portals like Crew Web Portal already have this feature.

2. Policies and Procedures

Every business and organization runs on a set of many policies, such as workplace policies, HR policies, job policies, moral policies, etc. When you are setting up an employee portal for your company, you should ensure that it has a proper section about various company policies and procedures that the employees must be aware of. 

For instance, there should be a proper section about the HR policy and common procedures like how an employee can apply for leave or any disciplinary procedure they must follow in the workplace. Having such a section will ensure that the employees are well aware of the company’s policies and will try to carry a better work culture.

3. Event Management

All sorts of events happen in a company, webinars, seminars, conferences, celebrations, business events, cultural events, you name it. For most employees, these events are the most engaging activities as they get to meet their coworkers and know more about each other. This is where event management in an employee portal plays its part.

An event management system in an employee portal keeps everyone updated about the events that have happened in the past or are going to happen in the upcoming future. This not only simplifies this for the event management company of the team, as it gets easier to inform everyone about events through this but also increases employee engagement in upcoming events.

4. Workflow Management System

If you were to have a look at any good employee portal like Qantas Staff Travel, you would find that most of them have good workflows that make it easier for teams and employees to collaborate on various tasks. Collaboration has become a necessity of modern-day workplaces, as it leads to better outputs.

Therefore, you should ensure that you implement a workflow management system in your employee portal so that employees can collaborate with each other more easily, get documentation in an organized form, allot tasks conveniently, and track projects smoothly.

5. Latest News About the Company

Lastly, an employee portal should also have a separate section about the latest news and updates regarding the company. Transparency is one of the important reasons for setting up an employee portal and one of the ways through which transparency can be achieved is by keeping the employees informed about everyday happenings through the portal.

There should be an entire section in the portal that should house the latest news, updates, and changes about the company so that employees are well aware of what’s happening in their workplace.

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